Bloomberg Wins 2016 EPPY Awards

Nov 9, 2016 5:45 AM ET
Press Release

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E&P wishes to congratulate winners of its 21st EPPY Awards. This year’s EPPY Awards saw more than 300 entries. Winners were selected from an international list of nominations to honor the best digital media websites across 31 categories, in addition to categories for excellence in college and university journalism. Each category was separated into websites with more than 1 million monthly unique visitors, and those that receive less than 1 million. Winners must receive a score in the top one-third of the average score across all categories within their division. As a result, there may be no winner in categories not reaching this threshold.

We also thank the judges who took part in this year’s EPPY Awards selections. EPPY judges are leaders in all facets of media, including website design, marketing/advertising, editorial, technology, education, and management.

Best Overall Website Design with 1 million unique monthly visitors and over

Bloomberg News

Best Magazine on a Website with 1 million unique monthly visitors and over

Bloomberg Businessweek

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