Green Builder Media's Eco-Leaders List Announced

These nine eco-leaders embrace triple bottom line and prove sustainability is good for revenues, people, and the planet.
Aug 19, 2014 4:00 PM ET
Press Release

Seattle, WA, August 19, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Green Builder Media recently released its widely anticipated annual Eco-Leaders report, which names nine of the most forward-looking sustainable companies. 

These Eco-Leaders provide products that improve the lives of a wide range of people, contributing to resource conservation, waste reduction, and reduced carbon emissions. They use renewable energy, extend the life cycle of their products, maintain a sustainable supply chain, and give back to their communities. And they take climate change seriously, developing business strategies that account for diminishing natural resources and contributing to the evolution of a regenerative economy.

In addition to pioneering products that help save the planet, these companies also make money doing so, proving that doing good can also be smart business. 

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, more and more investors are using corporate sustainability reporting to guide their investments. Companies across all sectors are responding, overhauling their manufacturing processes, increasing transparency, and reporting on sustainability practices. "To some extent, these changes are pragmatic," says Green Builder Editor-in-Chief Matt Power. "After all, operating more efficiently—finding ways to stretch energy and water, and turning waste into resources—translates into higher profit margins. But we believe some of these companies are not just responding to today's daunting environmental challenges out of concerns for their bottom lines or their investors, but out of a deep sense of responsibility."

This year's outstanding companies include: 

  • GE—pioneered a hybrid water heater that is more than 60 percent more energy efficient than a comparable electric unit ... promises a 40 percent reduction of greenhouse emissions by 2020, from 2004 baseline ... reduced freshwater use by nearly half since 2006.
  • SolarCity—since spring 2014 has produced 1 billion kilowatt-hours of clean energy ... will provide one million solar rooftops by 2018 ... disruptive "solar leasing" model makes solar affordable to the masses 
  • Owens Corning—conversion of entire line of residential fiberglass insulation products to formaldehyde-free EcoTouch ... recycling centers in 60% of the country for spent asphalt shingles ... has as its 2015 goal the complete transparency of all its core products 
  • Kohler—on its way to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 ... awarded EPA WaterSense Sustained Excellence Award in 2013 ... recycling water programs that have saved up to 90 percent in some facilities   
  • Panasonic—50 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2018 ... developed an infrastructure for collecting and recycling ewaste ... new program with Toyota to upgrade batteries in its Prius and Tesla S 
  • Dupont—2015 goals include doubling investment to $640 million in R&D programs with direct, quantifiable environmental benefits ... rolled out Sorona, a plant-based fiber used in carpets, fabric for clothing, and automotive mats ... even as production and revenues increased, the company hit 2015 goals by 2012 ... Drive to Zero program has resulted in zero waste at its Building Innovations manufacturing sites. 
  • Bosch—will complete 310 environmental and social audits of suppliers by the end of this year ... invests about half its R&D budgets in expanding its environment and saftey portfolio ... field testing residential fuel cell, which coul cut electricity use by 25-40 percent. 
  • Uponor—employees have dedicated more than 1,500 hours to Habitat for Humanity Eco Village in River Falls, Wisc. ... released two new sustainable products, one for graywater reclamation, the other a pre-insulated tubing ... in the process of creating a sustainable supply chain 
  • Patagonia—not a building industry company but so impressive, it is included in this year's list for inspiration. By 2015 will use only bluesign-approved fabrics, which manages chemical and water use in the manufacturing of products ... created 1% for the planet program, a global consortium of companies that pledge one percent of their sales to support environmental groups ... launched the Responsible Economy initiative, which fosters healthy communities, meaningful work, and takes from the earth only what it can replenish

Read more about these pioneering companies in the July issue of Green Builder magazine and online here. Is your company an Eco-Leader? Send information about your sustainability efforts to Matt Power at 

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