Rideshare to the Jon Stewart Rally & Elections with Ridebuzz.org: Restore the Sanity!

Oct 20, 2010 9:15 AM ET

Ridebuzz.org has launched online ridesharing services to help rally goers, voters and holiday travelers reduce their carbon footprint and save on travel dollars. In many cases, ridesharing is the only way for people to get from A to B – as many populations are under-served in America and can’t access viable transportation. Sharing resources is a highly cost-effective option to meet community needs.

Rideshare to the upcoming Jon Stewart and Colbert Rally

October 30, 2010 in Washington, DC

Check here if you need/offer a ridshare to the rally.

Press Release

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) Amherst, MA - October 20, 2010 - Rideshare to the Rally to Restore Sanity: Ridebuzz.org has implemented a Ridebuzz Event Group to help people share rides to the upcoming Jon Stewart and Colbert Rally taking place on October 30, 2010 in Washington DC. Ridebuzz is helping attendees find and share rides to the Rally, which reduces emissions [1] from holding such events. The online Ridebuzz Event Group for the Rally is a community organizing tool for people to post rides offered and needed, and matches drivers and riders – using email notification. Ridesharing is a way for people to work together to save costs, reduce emissions and find needed transportation [1]. We’ve seen a spike in web traffic since Stewart mentioned ridesharing on the air, which is helping us in our work to mainstream the use of ridesharing.

Rides for the Rally are listed on the homepage: http://www.ridebuzz.org and on the Ridebuzz Event Group: http://www.ridebuzz.org/restoresanity

Also, on the immediate horizon… 
Election Rideshare: The election is an important time where many people need rides to vote. As a resource to help voters and organizations get people to the polls, Ridebuzz rolled-out a free online group for the election: http://www.ridebuzz.org/electionvotinggroup, where drivers and riders can get matched up – helping each other share rides to participate in the American democracy. Ridebuzz is encouraging both organizations and individuals to spread the word about this initiative. Not everyone has the ability to drive themselves to the polls because mobility is a barrier, and new shared resources can help people participate together [1]. This Ridebuzz group is available for any person or organization interested in posting rides offered/needed to the polls, (locally and nationally).
Ridebuzz is a leading provider of ridesharing technology and services, specializing in cost-effective adoption campaigns for organizations, events, and regions.  Ridebuzz is home to one of the largest online rideshare communities, and has launched services for over 200 major events, venues and organizations (including municipalities, non-profits, & businesses). Ridebuzz provides organizations & events with a viable service to reduce their carbon footprint - Innovating Ridesharing Locally and Nationally! Ridebuzz is an Amherst, MA based 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization committed to advancing ridesharing technology and cost-effective community oriented solutions.
[1] Transportation is a crisis in America:
By simply sharing a ride – 2 people travelling in once car verses two separate cars can cut the cost and emissions in half – saving local communities millions of dollars. Not only are the environmental impacts alarming (passenger transportation accounts for 20-30% of carbon emissions - EPA), but may Americans are in dire need of transportation. The problem is national: Low-income, elderly, and disabled cannot access jobs, medical appointments, & grocery trips. Barriers to transportation access are financial & physical, notably where public transportation is limited, especially in rural areas. Six million Americans w/disabilities are reported to not have their transportation needs met (NCD.gov), and 14% of Americans live below the Poverty line, with an annual income below ~ $11,161 (for those under 65 - US Census), and the average American spends roughly $6,600 dollars annually on transportation, which is roughly ¾’s of the poverty line (ouch!). Additionally, dollars spent on single occupant transportation predominantly leave the economy, verses dollars spent in other market sectors (PERI). Human Service Organizations reported transportation as # 1 united need (Berkshire Human Service Coalition: Co-act).
Jeffrey D. Brown, Founder & Executive Director