The Future of CBSR - Final Strategic Renewal Update

Nov 13, 2012 4:00 AM ET
Press Release

November 13, 2012 /3BL Media/ - Dear CBSR Members and Supporters:

It was just over a year ago that the CBSR Board of Directors informed you of our commitment to "a strategic review and renewal to ensure CBSR's relevance and leadership in a rapidly evolving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) marketplace." We engaged many of you in the discussion, conducting focus groups across the country and surveying current and past members of CBSR. The feedback was clear and consistent - CBSR had been an important and relevant force in the development of CSR & sustainability in Canada for over a decade; but, that relevancy was diminishing and we needed to change.
What followed this analysis was a long and at times difficult process that required a restructuring of CBSR and the development of a new business model, mandate and value proposition. On behalf of the Board of Directors I want to thank the CBSR staff, our members and numerous associates and partners that have been supportive and contributed to this process. Yesterday, at CBSR's 10th Annual Summit in Toronto we announced the conclusion of the Strategic Renewal and launched the new CBSR.
The new CBSR will be built on the legacy of the organization's 17 years of leadership in the Canadian CSR & sustainability community. It will be a more agile and focused CBSR. It will exist exclusively to continue the organization's role as the network and key resource in Canada for individuals and companies small and large on the issue of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Membership in CBSR in 2013, will be based on a much lower membership fee, open to all; and, revolve around access to a member's only web site, regular events to be held across the nation and of course the premier CSR event in Canada, the Summit held every fall.
At the end of November a full package outlining the membership structure and benefits will be sent to all current CBSR members, and details will be available at
Steven Fish will lead the new CBSR, in the role of Executive Director. Steven has been with CBSR for over 2½ years and been a leader in the non-advisory services functions of the organization - namely business development and member services. Steve will manage a small operational team in Toronto, supported by associates from across Canada. The Board is currently considering new Directors to support and advise Steven and the team in this new direction.
CBSR has been an important and relevant player in the evolution of the CSR and sustainability community in Canada. We are pleased that we have identified a new role for CBSR to continue this contribution.  
We thank our members and many supporters for their patience and continued support of CBSR.
Rob Moore
CBSR Board Director 
Don Rolfe  
CBSR Board Chair