A Guide to Rising Salaries in the Sustainability & ESG Market - War for Talent As COP26 Paves the Way for New Sustainability Hires


by Samantha Calvey

​COP26 has laid the foundations for a more stable future but if the climate crisis has taught us anything, it’s that a collaborative approach is fundamental for skyrocketing success in sustainability.  

While governments and policy makers get to grips with understanding what is expected of them, in order to steer towards reaching the Paris Agreement goal, the onus is on everyone across the globe to play their part. 

Why Work at Acre?


By Grace Coleman

When Acre first opened the doors to its New York office three years ago, it had already been hailed a success in the UK, and now was the time to raise the bar for expansion. 

Four Out of Five Major Carmakers Fail To Support COP26 Emissions Pledge


​Four of the world’s five largest car manufacturers have not signed a deal to eliminate new car emissions by 2040.

The offending quartet - Volkswagen, Toyota, the Renault-Nissan alliance, and Hyundai-Kia – have not showed their support to the pledge which is to be announced at COP26 today, despite months of pressure from the UK.

By signing the agreement, the signatories have pledged to end the sale of new cars that produce emissions in “leading markets” by 2035, and globally by 2040.

Sustainable Finance in Action | Acre: Careers in Finance Are Changing

Multimedia with summary

With the world coming together at COP26 to discuss action on climate change, Acre partnered with The London Institute of Banking & Finance to highlight all the work we are doing to make an impact.

Faces of Acre - Dedication to Sustainability


Behind the scenes of the impactful roles we place, the teams we build, our dedication to tackling climate change and sustainability challenges, is our ever-growing and passionate team. In our ongoing ‘Faces of Acre’ series, we want to shine a spotlight on the people who make up the Acre team and give our employees a platform to share their passions, speak up on important topics and talk about the pro bono work they take part in.   ​

Acre's Sustainable Finance Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Survey 2021: Launch Press Release

by Grace Coleman
Press Release

December 6, 2021 /3BL Media/ - Acre today announced the launch of its first Equity, Diversity & Inclusion survey focussed specifically on the Sustainable Finance market. The first and only survey of its kind, the survey is designed to develop a baseline understanding of today’s state of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within sustainable finance professions.

COP26 - Where to Go From Here


Like so many others in the wake of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (or COP26 as we know it), I'm doing my best to digest the outcomes. 

The ‘should haves’ and ‘could haves’ need to be put on hold for now, in favour of facing the future head-on and focusing on what we can do to mitigate further damage to the planet. 

I attended COP26 in the first week with other Acre representatives and was honoured to be present at something so monumental and potentially transformative. But now in the aftermath, my feelings are mixed. 

Sustainability Disclosures Launched to Support Global Financial Markets


by Catherine Harris

​Trustees of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Foundation have unveiled key developments to provide the global financial markets with high quality disclosures on sustainability issues.

IFRS, the not-for-profit corporation which helps investors measure financial performance of companies based in different countries, has announced:

Hunger for Sustainable Food Systems Was Unstated at COP26, Despite Plant-Based Campaign


by Harco Leertouwer

While 20,000 delegates at COP26 tucked into dishes from menus that contained 40 per cent plant-based dishes, one butcher was keeping a watchful eye.

Founder of The Vegetarian Butcher, Jaap Korteweg, launched a campaign in the run-up to the Conference of Parties, in the hope of highlighting the environmental impact that animal meat consumption inflicts on the planet.

5 Tips for Developing a Growth Mindset


by Sam Greensitt, Global Head of Partnerships

​In the days following COP26, I can't help but observe an overwhelming amount of commentary around the role that businesses have to play in changing the fate of our planet. Despite their commitment to change, few people seem to be asking whether their people actually have the skills required to do so. Not the technical skills, that's an entirely different debate. But what about the soft skills? What's needed from today's leaders, and how're we building tomorrow's?


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