Responsible Business Alliance Announces Compass Award Winners

Applied Materials, AMD, and Flex Win for CSR Leadership, Innovation and Implementation
Press Release

ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 7, 2021 /3BL Media/ -- The Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) today announced the winners of its 2020 Compass Awards for corporate social responsibility excellence across three categories: Leadership, Innovation and Implementation.

Gamers, Big Tech, Even La Liga Soccer Link Computers to Fight COVID-19 in Washington U. Study

By Max Kozlov, St. Louis Post Dispatch

Researchers investigating some of humanity’s most vexing diseases began reaching out 20 years ago to nerds, gamers and even giant high-tech corporations across the world, hoping to borrow unused time on their computers. They signed up thousands, who donated their computing power so the scientists could better research cancer, Alzheimer’s and the Ebola virus, among others.

Now those scientists have turned their attention to the new coronavirus.

AMD Reinforces Its Commitment to Corporate Citizenship With Its 23rd Annual Corporate Responsibility Update


AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today released its 23rd annual corporate responsibility update, highlighting the company’s continued commitment to achieving its environmental and social goals. The update features details on the company’s sustainability programs, community impact of employee volunteers, supply chain practices and new case studies showcasing how consumers are using AMD technology to improve lives.  

AMD Demonstrates Corporate Citizenship in Action With 22nd Annual Corporate Responsibility Update


AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today released its 22nd annual update on corporate responsibility, reporting on the company’s progress and milestones in its environmental and social goals. The update demonstrates how AMD is working to address issues important to its workforce, customers, investors, and other stakeholders and features new case studies, volunteer stories, and key issue overviews.

AMD Publishes 21st Annual Corporate Responsibility Report


AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today released its 21st corporate responsibility (CR) report and summary magazine, detailing the company’s progress towards its social and environmental goals, as well as outlining the CR impacts and opportunities in its supply chain and associated with the use of its products.

New Study Shows Upgrading to Latest AMD Processor Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Personal Computing Use by 50 Percent

Carbon Footprint Research Reveals Dramatic Environmental Benefits of Energy Efficient “Carrizo” Processor vs. Previous Generation
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SUNNYVALE, Calif., September 17, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Results of an AMD (NASDAQ:AMD)  carbon footprint analysis of its 6th Generation A-Series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), codenamed “Carrizo”, show that using the new processor can result in a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the previous generation APU.

AMD's Commitment to Energy Efficiency Hits a Milestone


One year ago AMD announced its 25x20 initiative with the goal to achieve a 25x typical energy efficiency improvement of our APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) by 2020, from a 2014 baseline. Energy efficiency has long been a product design goal of AMD, and with the explosion of computing devices and capabilities over the last 20 years, AMD is on a path to focus on the energy and environmental footprint of computing.

AMD Publishes 20th Anniversary Corporate Responsibility Report

Press Release

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 9, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Demonstrating a legacy of dedication to transparency and shared responsibility for the betterment of the environment and society, AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today released its 2014 and 20th anniversary corporate responsibility (CR) report and summary magazine. - AMD (NYSE:AMD) Publishes 2013/2014 Corporate Responsibility Report & Summary

The report shows how the company not only maintained but has strengthened its commitment to corporate responsibility
Press Release

June 12, 2014 /3BL Media/ - This is AMD’s 19th consecutive annual corporate responsibility report. To maximize accessibility this information is available in several formats:

AMD Publishes 19th Corporate Responsibility Report

Press Release

June 12, 2014 /3BL Media/ - The last few years have been a period of transformation and resurgence for AMD. Throughout this time, AMD has not only maintained but has strengthened its commitment to corporate responsibility. AMD’s latest Corporate Responsibility Report outlines the company’s performance in areas such as employee engagement, environmental stewardship and human rights.   

Some of the corporate responsibility highlights from 2013/2014 include:


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