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Socially Responsible Investing Riding Climate Change Tide


By Carol Pierson Holding

On November 7 in Seattle, launched its “Do the Math” campaign to target college and university investment funds to divest of fossil fuel stocks. While this strategy is bound to raise awareness among college kids, I initially questioned if there was enough money at stake to actually influence behemoths like Exxon.

American Petroleum Institute Rejects EPA’s Fracking Tests; MIT’s New Mapping Tool Measures Solar Potential of Cambridge Rooftops - Energy Minute for October 23, 2012

Press Release

The American Petroleum Institute says that the EPA’s water testing at a Wyoming natural gas drilling site raises concerns about the agency’s national study on hydraulic fracturing. The API claims that the testing used too small a sample size to determine whether fracking contributed to groundwater contamination. The EPA has replied that a study by the U.S. Geological Survey is generally consistent with its own.

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