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The Time Is Now to Make Mental Health an EHS Priority


Despite this being a year that will go down as memorable for all of the wrong reasons, 2020 will also be remembered as a time where we stepped up to take care of one another.

In the face of the pandemic and national unrest, organizations have begun to place a greater emphasis on the mental health of their employees. After all, no matter the size, industry or scale, a company’s people are its most vital assets.

Fact or Fiction? The Truth About Scope 3 Screenings and Science-Based Targets


As businesses around the world continually grow more accountable for their environmental impacts -- both out of their own pragmatic motivations, and increasing pressure from customers, investors, and governments -- science-based targets are becoming a key focus.

Zero Waste to Landfill: The Why and How


These days, there’s a lot of incentive for businesses to operate in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. It really is a win-win: your business stays aligned with changing regulations, your reputation is strengthened, and your bottom line is improved.

For any company interested in long-term success, the motivation is there in spades. That said, setting unrealistic sustainability goals can lead to missed targets, decreased morale and diminishing efforts.

Water Protections and Other Regulations Are Rolling Back. What Should Businesses Do?


While companies thought they had a grasp of water protection and sustainability regulations, now these regulations are being rolled back rather than continuing the 50-year trend of strengthening them. What does it mean for the business sector?

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: The Four Growth Stages of a Successful CDP Reporting Season


It’s that time of year again – temperatures are rising, days are getting longer, seeds are taking root and plants are in full bloom. While this season is typically known as a time of fresh beginnings and continued growth, it can also signal approaching deadlines and the added stress that comes with preparing your annual corporate disclosures.

Webcast / Managing The Hype: Don’t Let PFAS Derail Your Operation

Helping Railroads Decipher Fact from Fiction When it Comes to PFAS

The railroad industry is presumed by regulatory agencies to have historically used products containing PFAS, or per- and poly- fluoroalkyl substances. PFAS may be found in several common products used at railyards, such as aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF), grease, or hydraulic fluids. It is possible that regulators may soon require railyard owners to assess and remediate, even though PFAS-containing products are used widely in many other industries and could have migrated on site.

Unexpected Risks: Bloodborne Pathogens in Retail Settings


In retail stores, warehouses, and distribution centers, there are hidden hazards most people don’t expect-- bloodborne pathogens. But retail establishments have been cited by OSHA when, for instance, workers were stuck with syringes found in their restrooms and there was no bloodborne pathogen plan in place.

Read our blog to discover how you can develop a bloodborne pathogen plan to protect your employees and your business.

‘Breaking Bad’ Habits and Raising Hell in EHS With Lessons From Walter White


EHS leaders wouldn’t pin their career aspirations on a science teacher turned meth kingpin, but there are lessons to be drawn from Walter White that don’t involve a full descent into maniacal villainy.

Our blog elicits four EHS leadership lessons courtesy of the“Breaking Bad’ protagonist to entertain and inspire you.

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Claims, Coverage, and Complexity: A Guide to Environmental Insurance for Storage Tank Owners


If your underground storage tank is due for removal, you may be apprehensive of structural issues and leaks that could be found.

Read our blog to make sure you understand your environmental insurance coverage and prepare for the claim appraisal and remediation process—before it is too late.

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