Black Lives Matter & Business - Report


While it is self-evident that “all lives matter”, it is equally obvious that attention must now be paid to correct injustices that impact Black lives in particular. The Black community has been, and still is, disproportionately excluded from access to opportunities across the social and economic spectrum. The UN Global Compact Network UK believes that business has a vital role to play; inaction is not just a moral failure, but also bad management.

Celebrating the Power of Pro Bono in Difficult Times


It’s Pro Bono Week! But this one looks unlike any other we’ve experienced before. Instead of large skilled volunteering events or gathering by the hundreds in event spaces for keynotes on social impact, we’re logging on to video calls from our homes or mostly empty offices. Handshakes have been replaced by waves on screens. Digital breakout rooms are the new space for collaboration.

A CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity


The public is demanding moral and economic leadership within the corporate sector that focuses on leaving the next generation of Americans a more equitable legacy than we were given.

Corporate Silence and Anti-Racism


Companies around the world have remained silent to their role in racism for centuries. No matter how well-crafted or well-intended, it is not enough for corporations to just make public statements and large donations to racial justice organizations. Without action, these statements can land as nothing more than platitudes from a PR playbook.

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