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Best Practice: Winter 2016

A collection of exemplary CR and sustainability case studies - See more at:

The Winter 2016 issue of Best Practice includes CSR and sustainability case studies from thought leaders across several industries:

Using the Power of Communications for Social Impact


Dentsu Aegis directs its employees’ skills toward community-based charities. Adam Woodhall reports . . .  

“Over the past five years, the agency has helped more than 2,500 small charities to increase their communications capabilities.” 

On an average day in the Western world, people see between 250 and 270 pieces of advertising.  Globally, approximately $600 billion was spent on advertising in 2015, with the UK spending nearly 1% of its GDP on marketing. The power and reach of marketing and advertising in our society is unquestionable.   

Visa Supports Financial Education for Youth


The global payments business partners with Junior Achievement Europe to create innovative e-commerce and personal finance programmes. Tom Idle reports…

The digitisation of our global economy has very quickly transformed how we think about and use money. Paying for goods and services online, spending our salaries in stores with the swipe of a card and transferring cash in virtual environments has made lives easier and the handling of ‘real’ cash a thing of the past.  

Best Practice: Autumn 2016

A collection of exemplary CR and sustainability case studies

The Autumn 2016 issue of Best Practice includes CSR and sustainability case studies from thought leaders across several industries:

Giving Back the Aimia Way to Create Real Social Value

A Data Philanthropy model pairs analytics experts with specific charities to drive greater social impact through new knowledge and insights. Tom Idle reports…
In 2014, more than $350 billion in charitable donations were given to non-profits, with around 15% of that money coming from company foundations and 5% direct from companies.

Royal Mail Delivers the Post - and Many Community Services, Too

The company’s CR and community investment policies are geared towards maximizing its position as a national company with a local presence in every community. Miranda Ingram reports…
One out of every hundred and seventy-five people in Britain work for the Royal Mail, and 88% of these are postmen and women processing, collecting and delivering mail, six days a week, delivering to 29 million addresses. No wonder they are seen as the “ears and eyes” of the community.

Benevity Innovates in Corporate Giving and Volunteering with New Technology

“Spark” software program ensures simple, secure and easy giving so grassroots philanthropy can be part of everyday life. Miranda Ingram reports...
Some notable statistics prompted Bryan de Lottinville, a former finance lawyer, to create Benevity, an industry leader in facilitating corporate giving and volunteering, in less than ten years. 

Fyffes: Valuing the Workforce to Improve Performance

Fyffes’ CR policies apply best practices that improve business performance — and support employees. Miranda Ingram reports… 
It should be a given by now but is nevertheless worth repeating: good corporate social responsibility is win-win. It doesn’t just protect stakeholders but profits the company too, not least in the area of labour relations.

CDL Embarks on Its Next Phase of Sustainability Innovation

CDL integrates sustainability into its business strategy to provide a holistic account of its value creation for stakeholders. Adam Woodhall reports...

Arrow “Guides Innovation Forward” by Helping Children Become the Innovators of the Future

Arrow takes on the challenge of bringing technology to people with no electricity. Miranda Ingram reports…
Every so often a concept comes along that is so simple and so effective that you can’t believe it didn’t already exist. 
The DigiTruck, a mobile, solar-powered unit made from an old shipping container mounted on a trailer to create a fully computer-equipped classroom, is such a game changer. It drives 21st century technology to parts of the world still governed by the cycles of day and night.


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