Tech Savvy Millennial Investors Positioned to Thrive in the “Roaring 2020s”


by David Weinstein, Senior VP and Portfolio Manager of Dana Investment Advisors 

What a time to be a tech savvy millennial investor. A chaotic 2020 offered both investment pitfalls and rich opportunities. 2021 should trend toward a more “normal” environment, but disruptive companies, elevated volatility and information everywhere will continue to define the investment landscape. These three themes have millennials positioned to thrive - Disruption, Embracing Volatility, and Information Everywhere. 

Cryptocurrency Donations Are on the Rise As Bitcoins Price Continues to Surge

Diversify nonprofit revenue stream with cryptocurrency donations

Register Now! Join America's Charities and The Giving Block for a webinar on March 2 at 3pm ET to learn how cryptocurrency works and why you should add it to your nonprofit's fundraising mix to diversify your revenue stream.

Blockchain: Implications and Use Cases for the EPC Industry

By: Cyril Merienne, Innovation Implementation Lead

By now, most of us have heard of BitCoin in some context, maybe from your tech-savvy friend or the news story about the guy who lost $127 million USD of the crypto-currency after accidentally throwing his hard drive in the garbage.

But BitCoin and its usefulness as a currency are really a product of the technology behind it, known as “blockchain.”

Hey COP23: Bitcoin Miners Exploding CO2 Emissions!

By Hazel Henderson

New Scientist reports Bitcoin miners conspicuous consumption of (mostly fossil-based) electricity at 23.07 terawatts annually, see "Bitcoin Energy Bill Matches Ecuador's!" “Thus, COP23’s newest challenge is from the growing speculative bubble of Bitcoin and the rush to additional cryptocurrencies.

Guest Post: Should Nonprofits Take Donations in Bitcoin? Maybe


Joe Waters - Selfish Giving

Recently on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Mark Feldman, Founder & Managing Director of Boston-based Cause Consulting, about the potential hazards and potholes of employee engagement.

Jem Bendell: Making Heads or Tails of Bitcoin

Multimedia with summary

If you’ve heard about Bitcoin on the evening news or seen a headline about it, you might have been left with the impression that it’s some sort of online scam or the next Dutch tulip bubble. But Bitcoin and other cryptographic currencies are very real.

Revolutionizing Bitcoin Philanthropy over the Holidays


Los Angeles, CA (Dec 4, 2013) - Bitcoin philanthropy picks up this holiday season as non-profits, foundations, and social enterprises embrace the digital currency.

There has been a great deal of speculation around the bitcoin market. Over the past month the currency quadrupled in value and passed the $1000 mark for the first time.

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