black history month

Black History Month Takes Off


February is the month when the U.S. and Canada celebrate and remember important events in th e history of the African diaspora in those countries. This tradition goes back to 1970 and is an important part of the yearly calendar. The contribution of LGBT African-Americans is also now being remembered.

#DardenDigest: A Company that Celebrates Diversity


We’re proud of our diverse and inclusive culture at Darden and welcome opportunities to share the uniqueness of our employees. As we celebrate Black History Month, we’re featuring stories from some of our African-American employees and taking a look at how each individual person makes the Darden culture what it is. Today we hear from Teresa Sebastian, Darden’s Chief Legal Officer.

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Southwest Airlines Honors Proud Tradition of Celebrating Black History Month All Year Long


Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) will host an array of activities throughout 2013 to honor the Company’s long heritage of serving the African American community and showing its strong dedication to diversity and inclusion.  To watch a video of how Southwest Airlines celebrates Black History all year long, visit the airline's YouTube channel.


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