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What Truly Drives EHS Compliance in the Tech Sector?


“There’s no doubt among tech company EHS leaders that compliance is an absolute must for running a healthy business,” says Peylina Chu, Antea Group Vice President and Technology Segment leader. But why is EHS compliance so important for companies?

Antea Group's blog discusses how adding business value, mitigating risk, and protecting brand reputation are among some of the powerful considerations that drive EHS compliance in a tech company.

New Ethical Corporation Report – The Future of Digital on Reputation


In today’s world of cybersecurity, automation and data the resulting disruption for business is ballooning. Companies need to adhere to higher ethical standards to ensure social purpose and reputation stays intact.

Brands Taking Stands Newsletter, 5/30/18


Brands Taking Stands: NFL Passes New Protest Policy

The Big Story

Brands Taking Stands Newsletter, 5/15/18


Long-Term Strategy Takes Hold in the Investment World

BASF, Philips Lighting and Crown Estate on True Value Impact Reporting


With the increased requirement from stakeholders for companies to portray the value of their impact and the added scrutiny on sustainability data - accurate sustainability reporting is more important than ever.

Hear how leading global brands are building stakeholder trust and brand reputation by learning how they are quantifying and reporting their environmental and social economics. 

Why Being Socially Responsible Is More Important Than Ever

BY Jacob Shriar

Your company needs to be socially responsible because people are starting to value socially responsible companies more than ever.

As companies try harder to appeal to millennials, they need to think about becoming more socially responsible, as that is very important to them. Besides all of the benefits that being socially responsible brings, it’s the right thing to do. As consumers, we’re becoming more aware of what’s going on in the world around us, due to the power of the internet and social media.

Upping the Ante: How Brands Can Stay on Top of Evolving Consumer Expectations and Preferences

by Dimitar Vlahov

The notion that consumer attitudes are shifting in favor of brands that have strong sustainability credentials is not a new phenomenon in the year 2015. However, in spite of a good number of brands having made impressive commitments, their sustainability efforts may not necessarily be delivering the intended value to consumers or positive ROI for the brand. Therefore, brands would benefit from re-evaluating their sustainability agenda often and examining what exactly it is they are offering, to whom, and how.

Carnival Cruise Line Named "America's Most Trusted Cruise Line" by Reader's Digest Magazine

Press Release

MIAMI, October 27, 2015 /3BL Media/ – Carnival Cruise Line has been named America’s Most Trusted Cruise Line by Reader’s Digest Magazine. 

The award is based on a poll of more than 4,500 of the magazine’s readers who were asked to rate products they trust across 40 different categories taking into account the areas of quality, value, and reliability.  Carnival received more votes than any other cruise line.  The awards are featured in the October issue of Reader’s Digest.

Companies are Guilty Until Proven Innocent, According to Global Consumers


Even as consumer understanding of company CSR messages continues to grow, breaking through is harder than ever.

This is according to our newly launched 2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study.


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