Election 2020: A Test for American Democracy, and a Test for American Business


By: Aron Cramer, President and CEO, BSR

American democracy is facing an immense test in 2020. This is also a test for American business.

Meeting the Moment for Healthcare: Q&A With Phil Thomson, President, Global Affairs, GSK


By: Phil Thomson, President, Global Affairs, GSK

Undeniably, 2020 has been defined by the global spread of COVID-19 and its devastating impacts. The global pandemic, which has taken over a million lives, has shone a spotlight on the healthcare industry.

NAACP and UNGC Join the BSR20 Lineup


Has 2020 led your business to re-evaluate its commitment to sustainability, justice, and diversity? We are in the midst of a global movement for social justice—and business must act now to meet this moment and build a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

BSR is honored to welcome the NAACP’s Derrick Johnson and the UN Global Compact’s Sanda Ojiambo to the BSR20 plenary lineup. Register today to join them at the BSR Conference 2020.

Verizon, Google, and FT's Moral Money at BSR20


When you register for BSR20, you’re signing up to hear from some of the greatest leaders in sustainability. In just a few short weeks, tune in to learn from Verizon’s sustainability lead Rose Stuckey Kirk, Google’s human rights and public affairs experts Kent Walker and Alex Walden, and co-founder of Financial Times Moral Money’s Gillian Tett.

Scaling the Impact of Digital Financial Services: The Opportunity and Imperative During COVID-19


By: Payal Dalal, Vice President, Global Programs, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and Christine Svarer, Director, HERproject

“Being paid into an account is much safer. During Corona, if I were paid in cash, I would have had to go to the factory in person and disinfect the money as my colleagues did when they received their salaries in the envelope.” Ibrahim, Garment Worker, Egypt

Five Ways to Network at BSR20, Plus ACLU and Unilever Join the Lineup


Five Ways to Network at BSR20, Plus ACLU and Unilever Join the Lineup

The networking opportunities at BSR Conference are unparalleled—we hear this every year, and BSR20 won’t be any different. Our top five ways to connect at BSR20 will help you make meaningful connections with our community of global leaders.


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