Meet the Moment and Build the Future at the BSR20 Virtual Conference


By: Elisa Niemtzow, Vice President, Consumer Sectors and Global Membership, BSR

A few years ago, BSR celebrated its 25th anniversary with our members at an unforgettable convening on the shore in Huntington Beach, California. The connection with a like-minded community and rich conversations about the issues we all care about is what I remember most.

The Virtual BSR Conference 2020 Is Here


Registration for the BSR Conference 2020, taking place live October 20-23, is open.

This year, we will convene our community at a moment of tremendous uncertainty and turbulence, and driven by a common task: to find solutions to the problems of the present, while laying the groundwork to build a truly equitable, resilient and just future for all.

The Business Role in Creating a 21st-Century Social Contract


By: Aron Cramer, President and CEO, BSR

Long before the urgent challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the long overdue focus on racial justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion changed history, it was clear that our social contracts—the relationship between individuals and institutions—were no longer fit for purpose.  

A Human Rights-Based Approach to COVID-19 Decision-Making


By: Ouida Chichester, Associate Director, BSR; Rosa Kusbiantoro, Associate Director, BSR; Salah Husseini, Associate Director, Human Rights, BSR; Jenny Vaughan, Human Rights Director, BSR; and

Today and Tomorrow: COVID-19 and the Increased Relevance of Corporate Sustainability


By: David Stearns, Director, Communications and Marketing, BSR and James Morris, Director, GlobeScan

With the spread of COVID-19 creating a crisis that is unprecedented in living memory, there is not an element of our lives that has remained unaffected. And this is especially true for business. 

ESG Isn’t Going Anywhere: Investor Expectations in the Age of COVID-19


By: John Hodges, Vice President, BSR and David Korngold, Director, BSR

One of the most important topics in corporate sustainability is the dramatic increase in attention by investors on the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations.   

Resilient Business Strategies: The Road to Recovery Based on Sustainability Principles


By: Aron Cramer, President and CEO, BSR

Resilience is having its moment, as the world reels from the massive health and economic impact of the coronavirus. The concept has suddenly gone from overlooked buzzword to urgent objective.


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