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Overcoming Her Fears, Christina Is a Habitat for Humanity Homeowner With New Goals


Christina thought about being a homeowner for eight years — as long as she has been renting — but the idea of being her own landlord was too daunting. “I wanted to stop being scared and just do it, but I’d heard good and bad things about owning a home,” she says. “I’m a single mom of three, and I thought it would be a lot to handle.”

Findlay, Ohio Family Moves Into 'BuildBetter With Whirlpool' Climate-Resilient, Energy-Efficient Home


Miriam couldn’t believe that it had happened again. The house she was renting was sold by the landlord without her knowledge. This was the second time a landlord had sold a house out from under her, uprooting Miriam and her three children: 11-year-old Reina and 9-year-old twins Romeo and Raelyn. “It seemed like I was never able to establish myself,” Miriam says. “But after the last house was sold, that’s when I said, ‘I need to buy a house.’”

Benton Harbor Family Moves Into 'Buildbetter With Whirlpool' Home


After renting a home for several years, Jasmine was ready to move into a home of her own. “Because I have six kids, my credit wasn’t great. My house had mold issues, it was located in a bad area and had been broken into multiple times,” said Jasmine. She decided she wanted something better. “I was looking for something with more stability and something I can grow with.”

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