People Behind CSR at Cisco: How the Send IT Back Mobile App Contributes to a Circular Economy

by Stacey Faucett

We have a blog series that focuses on the people behind Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Cisco. Each blog in this series highlights a different Cisco employee who works closely with CSR initiatives across the company.

Cisco's Green Buildings: Good for the Planet and Our Well-Being

By Jordan Hart-White

Earth Aware, Cisco’s month-long employee celebration of sustainability and the planet is also an opportune time to focus on green buildings. But first, what is a green building?

By definition, a green or sustainable building is a building that, because of its construction and features, can maintain or even improve the quality of life of the environment in which it is located.

Green buildings conserve resources

How Cisco Inspires a Network for Good

By Fernando Rodriguez

As a Cisco employee of over 20 years, I have witnessed the power of the network. I am not talking about the millions of computing networks we have built and supported globally. I am talking about building a network for good. I have witnessed this power as an employee; when we’re given the gift to be involved, learn, and experience activities where we give back to the communities in my home country of Colombia. Over the last two decades, I have gotten the opportunity to support people and organizations working miracles every day. Here are a few examples:

Solar Sister Is Addressing Gender Equity, Energy Poverty, and Climate Change

The Transformational Tech series highlights Cisco’s nonprofit grant recipients that use technology to help transform the lives of individuals and communities.

By Charu Adesnik

When a person lives in a community that doesn’t have access to a power grid, it means no electricity. When you lack access to sustainable and affordable energy services and products, it is called energy poverty.

What Our Nonprofit Partners Are Doing to Support People Impacted by the War in Ukraine - and How You Can Help

By Erin Connor

According to the UN, 6.5 million Ukrainians have been displaced within Ukraine, and according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) more than 4 million people have been forced to flee the country since the invasion began on February 24, making this the

WeThrive Education: Delivering Innovative Entrepreneurial Education to Empower Underserved Youth

By Shelley D. Harper

“Things outside of a young person’s control can create an environment for underachievement,” says Daquan Oliver, founder and CEO of Cisco nonprofit partner WeThrive Education.

People Behind CSR at Cisco: How Water Stewardship in Our Supply Chain Leads to a More Inclusive Future for All

By Stacey Faucett

Water is one of Earth’s most precious natural resources. Although about 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, only 3 percent of it is fresh water, and less than 1 percent of fresh water is available to humans for consumption.

What Top Tech Analysts Have to Say About Our Latest Purpose Report

By Sydney Frost

Cisco is a tech giant, but social good is at the heart of everything they do. Cisco’s 2021 Purpose Report highlighted several accomplishments in 2021, including: providing job training to roughly three million students worldwide, contributing $477 million to community programs globally and deriving 85 percent of its energy from renewable sources.

How Opportunity International Empowers Financial Inclusion Through Digital Banking

by Charu Adesnik

The Transformational Tech series highlights Cisco’s nonprofit grant recipients that use technology to help transform the lives of individuals and communities.

Influencing Our Ecosystem To Promote Racial Justice

by Clayton Naidoo

This blog was written by Stephanie Y. Moore and Curshanda Cusseaux Woods. Stephanie Y. Moore is a Director of Government Affairs at Cisco and leads Cisco’s social justice advocacy with federal policymakers for Action 1, Influence Ecosystem. Curshanda Cusseaux Woods is a Community Impact Manager at Cisco where she oversees the Cisco Black Equity Grant program, social justice sponsorships, and employee engagement for Action 1, Influence Ecosystem.


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