Scaling the Heights to Ensure Reliability


Varun Shah goes to great lengths – and heights – to ensure reliability and safety at the wind farm he manages: More than 74 meters above the ground, to be precise, to the very pinnacle of a wind turbine in rural India.

As CLP India Deputy Manager of Operations (Renewable Energy), Varun looks after the 106MW Andhra Lake Wind Farm in Maharashtra. With more than seven years of experience, he is a core member of the team of CLP managers who keep the 874 turbines of our 12 farms across seven states in India performing reliably around-the-clock.

Lifelong Lessons in Reliability and Safety


Derek Parkin, CLP Holdings Chief Operating Officer (COO), vividly remembers an early lesson in the importance of reliability and safety. Born into a coal mining family in the north of England, he landed his first job as a 16-year-old schoolboy cleaning the floors of the offices at a coal mine.

The Power of Innovation

How original thinking is bringing greener, safer electricity to CLP's customers

Imagine the scene: It’s a hot and humid early summer evening and you are about to enjoy a family dinner at home. Then you receive a text message telling you that your air-conditioner has been adjusted by two degrees and you can earn a credit on your next energy bill if you keep it at that level for the next two hours. It is up to you to make the choice.

Data is Key to New Utility Business Models


As part of the Future of Energy APAC Summit 2017 hosted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), CLP Group Chief Operating Officer Mr Derek Parkin shared his perspective on new utility business models in a panel discussion with Enel Green Power’s Head of Business Development in Asia Pacific Mr Gu-Yoon Chung and AutoGrid Systems’ Chief Executive Officer Dr Amit Narayan.

CLP Tightens Emissions Cut Targets Towards 2050 to Fight Climate Change


The CLP Group has tightened the carbon intensity reduction target of its Asia-Pacific power business for 2050, the company unveiled in its latest Sustainability Report and Annual Report.

Over a decade ago, CLP voluntarily introduced the Climate Vision 2050, where it committed to lower the carbon intensity of its generating portfolio by approximately 75% of its 2007 position by 2050.

CLP Looks Ahead After Shining in Hong Kong’s Sustainability Arena


Another year of pushing CLP Group’s sustainability work to the next level has borne fruit, with industry recognition earned in Hong Kong and beyond.

At the CDP Hong Kong and South East Asia awards, CLP was named the best performing Hong Kong company with a score of A- for its water programmes in 2017. It was ranked top of the Hong Kong-based or listed companies which participated in the CDP survey. The assessment was based on the climate change, water and forest-related data received from 1,073 of the world’s largest companies.

A Crusade for a Sustainable Tomorrow

CLP Holdings Professor of Sustainability Charles Ng Wang Wai outlines his mission to make the world more sustainable for future generations.

Professor Charles Ng, the newly inaugurated CLP Holdings Professor of Sustainability at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), has a keen interest in the survival of our planet.

Not only is he determined to do something to enhance the long-term viability of the Earth, he is doing it through a wide range of research including the shifting soils and debris that form the world. Specifically, he aims to generate ideas and practical engineering solutions that will help reduce the impact of debris flow and make the planet more sustainable in the long term.

“A Century of Power” Documentary Recounts Energy History in Hong Kong as Told by the Kadoorie Family

Multimedia with summary

Founded in 1901 as a small electricity generator, CLP has grown hand-in-hand with Hong Kong over the past century and is now one of the leading energy companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Prof. Charles Ng Conferred CLP Holdings Professorship in Sustainability


Geotechnical engineering expert Charles Ng of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has been named CLP Holdings Professor of Sustainability.

The endowed professorship in sustainability is the first of its kind at a Hong Kong university. It will focus on climate change and sustainable energy, which are not only important to CLP but also of significance globally.

Prof. Ng is currently the Associate Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies and a Chair Professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.


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