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Corporate Social Responsibility at Sanofi places the patient at the heart of the way we conduct business. To better showcase our approach and to lead our image and reputation, the CSR Excellence department and the Image and Reputation department have reshaped our main CSR Corporate communications tools and created new ones to better answer our stakeholders’ need for information.


Sustainable Brands ’13: Hope and Strategies for the Future


By: Judy Sandford
Senior Strategist, Sustainability Communications

I attended the recent Sustainable Brands ’13 conference themed “From Revolution to Renaissance” and gained insights into the future of business and brand sustainability. Some sustainability conferences are all doom and gloom about the future, but this one had an upbeat attitude with a lot of hope based on solutions.

Communicating Sustainability at Maersk Line: Striking a Balance Between Silence and Greenwashing


By Jacob Sterling, Head of Environment & CSR, MAersk Line

Maersk Line has traditionally not been known for its sustainability efforts. Why? Well, because the company used to have a habit of hardly communicating anything externally. Previously, there had been little perceived need for communicating — and this combined with a strong value around humbleness kept the company quiet. This has changed in the last 5-6 years where departments dealing professionally with both communications and sustainability have been set up.

Good stories kept as a secret

Video: TransCanada CEO Highlights Commitment to Safe Pipelines


Safety has always been TransCanada’s top priority and we have an industry-leading safety record to prove it.

Our pipeline incident rate is better than the average in Canada, the United States and Europe and we have more than 60 years of experience building and operating safe and reliable natural gas and crude oil pipelines across North America.

During Crises, Executive Leadership is Key to Successful Turnaround

Press Release

NEW YORK, April 29, 2013 /3BL Media/ - While communication is overwhelmingly ranked as the most important leadership principle during a time of change (43 percent), corporate leadership teams are reluctant to update employees during crises (25.6 percent), according to a recent Deloitte webcast poll.

Skype Supports Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Efforts through UNHCR and Partnerships



Nature proves time and time again to be the most powerful force on our planet. Hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, mudslides and other natural disasters bring a lasting impact on the regions they hit. Unfortunately, when a disaster does strike, the logistics of coordinating on-site aid is a difficult task.  Communications are often impaired by a lack of mobile phone service and internet, making coordination of relief efforts near-impossible.

Creating Possibilities: The Industrial Internet and Sustainability

Introduction: The Next Wave Of Innovation?

The Internet has supported an amazing array of innovation, fundamentally changing our lives, from the way we connect with each other to our shopping habits. While some argue that this wave of innovation has largely run its course, we believe that a new wave is just beginning.

Connected: Where the Innovation Barometer Meets the Industrial Internet


If you still need more evidence that the Industrial Internet and big data analytics are driving a revolution in manufacturing, productivity and services, take a closer look at the 2013 Global Innovation Barometer released last week. The Barometer, which surveyed 3,000 executives from 25 countries, found that 53 percent of respondents considered the ability to mine data inside and outside their company crucial to successful innovation, and 63 percent said that their firm was already developing ways to use big data for innovation.

The SMI-Wizness Update : The New Social Tools and Platforms That are Transforming Sustainability Communication


Social media innovation waits for no man or woman. Just when you think you’ve got your head around Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, up pop a host of cool new tools and platforms to tantalise and befuddle (often at the same time) sustainability communicators.


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