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Conservation International

Preserving and Replenishing Brazil’s New Breadbasket

By Rodrigo Medeiros, Vice President, Conservation International Brazil, and Rodrigo Santos, President, Monsanto Brazil

By turning itself from a food importer into one of the world’s leading food exporters, Brazil has made itself into one of the great agricultural success stories of the last 40 years. But if you think that’s because Brazil has plowed up the Amazon rainforest, you need to read on.

Growing Food More Sustainably: Conservation Tillage To The Rescue

By Carlos Vicente Alberto, Sustainability Lead, Europe & Middle East, Monsanto

In 1985, during my final project at the School of Agricultural Engineers in Madrid, I embarked on something that may still seem strange to those unfamiliar with agriculture: growing plants without soil. The idea was to design a farm producing chicory using hydroponics, something that my classmates found novel at the time.

A Better World for Our Children: World Environment Day 2014

By Gabriela Burian, Global Lead, Sustainable Agriculture Environment, Monsanto

If you have kids, like me, you’re probably concerned about their future. And doing everything that you feel is possible to help them to have a better world. Today is the World Environment Day, a good opportunity for reflection and perfect timing to reinforce environment causes that we care about.

HP Earth Insights

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HP Earth Insights is an innovative collaboration that applies HP's technology and expertise to the research being conducted by Conservation International (CI), a leading non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting nature for people and ensuring a healthy and productive planet for local and global communities. 

Monsanto Company Releases 2012 Sustainability Report

Press Release

ST. LOUIS, June 19, 2013 /3BL Media/ – Monsanto Company today released its 2012 Sustainability Report. The report focuses both on how the company operates its business and how it is working with partners to help with the challenge of feeding 9 billion people expected to inhabit Earth by 2050.

Partnerships & Projects Improving Agriculture

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The challenges that agriculture faces moving forward are daunting. We are an agricultural company helping farmers try to meet these challenges sustainably, but we realize that Monsanto, alone, cannot provide solutions to all of these problems.

In order to produce more, conserve more and improve lives, we partner with farmers, local governments, NGOs, universities and other stakeholders with diverse approaches to positively impact agriculture and the world.


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