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Learning and Evolving in Cyber With Booz Allen’s Jackie Mady


“Over the past four years, I’ve discovered that cybersecurity isn’t just a buzzword or Hollywood field. There is so much potential in this industry to make an impact on a daily basis.”  

Jackie Mady started out her career as a communications coordinator in the energy industry. Today, she’s an associate in Booz Allen’s Strategic Innovation Group supporting a range of cybersecurity functions: training, requirements analysis and design, help desk, software testing, project scheduling, and technical documentation. 

Cybersecurity Grand Challenges – Setting the Stage for a Secure Future


Booz Allen empowers others to take a future-forward approach to change the world, especially in critical areas of the government and industry such as cybersecurity. That’s why Booz Allen didn’t pass on the opportunity to invest in a process to “make the Internet safe and secure for the functioning of Government and critical services for the American people by 2028,” as outlined in the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC)’s Report to the President on a Cybersecurity Moonshot. 

Rewarding Careers for Women in Tech


by Acacia Carr, Web Developer and Author of Uncommon Creative

The future is fast upon us as the stuff of science fiction becomes our daily lives. Technology has evolved at a speed none could have predicted. Smart phones, tablets, autonomous vehicles, drones, Bitcoin, bots, Alexa…the rise of Big Tech, and the advent of AI. There is virtually no part of daily life on Earth that has not yet been hit by the sonic waves of the tech boom. How we live, connect, learn, transact, identify, express, sustain, and find our way has all changed in the blink of an eye.

Booz Allen’s Rashi Narain On Her Holistic View of Cybersecurity


This piece profiles Rashi Narain, a lead associate with Booz Allen’s Cyber group. Rashi optimizes program delivery by leveraging data analytics for strategic decision-making and execution. In addition to serving as the firm’s Washington, DC, Regional Ambassador for the Society of Women Engineers, she uses her project management skills to run a dance school. Read more about how Rashi got her start in cyber and her current role as cybersecurity and arts mentor, below. 

How did you get involved in cybersecurity? 

Booz Allen’s Brad Medairy Shares Cyber Insights at RSA Conference 2019


How is our critical infrastructure becoming more vulnerable to cyber attacks, and what are government and commercial IT leaders doing to stay ahead of threats?

On March 4-8, RSA Conference 2019 brought together over 50,000 security professionals from around the world to talk about cyber threats, trends, and more. From the RSA show floor, Booz Allen Executive Vice President Brad Medairy shared his insights with Jeff Frick, general manager of SiliconANGLE Media, Inc. during an episode of theCUBE. Highlights follow.

Escalating detection and coordination

BoozCon Brings New Ideas to the Forefront of Cyber Strategy


Staying relevant in cybersecurity is critical and remaining current is a moving target. To address this continual challenge and to foster a community of cyber professionals, Booz Allen Hamilton hosted a full day cybersecurity conference catered to the firm’s growing cyber talent base. The event, titled “BoozCon,” in a nod to external cybersecurity conference naming conventions, was developed to harness the expertise within the company for professional development and to enhance client service.

Moody's Earns FinanceAsia Best Ratings Agency Award in Asia for 2018

Multimedia with summary

Moody's Brian Cahill with the FinanceAsia Best Ratings Agency Award in Asia for 2018. Moody's Investor Service was recognized for its willingness to engage with the market, commitment to developing new ESG products, accounting for cybersecurity risks in credits and promoting automation.


About Moody's

Information Warfare, IoT Attacks, and More: Booz Allen Forecasts Future Cyber Threats


What blockbuster attacks could change the face of cybersecurity in 2019? How could the threat landscape shift?
Booz Allen’s top analysts developed a forward-looking synopsis of risks and threats, based on our work with clients worldwide. The result is the 2019 Cyber Threat Outlook report. Here are some highlights.

Amped-up information warfare

It’s Time to Take Control of Your Data: 3 Easy Ways to Own Your Online Presence

by Nate Simmons

You might be asking yourself what ‘taking control of your data’ really means or why it’s important. As the COO of Norton LifeLock, I often hear “I’ve got nothing to hide on my phone” and “I don’t care who sees my browser history.” I quickly point to the 143 million Americans who were affected by cybercrime in 2017; that’s more than half of the U.S. adult online population.


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