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Pro Bono Perspectives S2E2: Bea Boccalandro, VeraWorks

What is Job Purposing?
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Host and Common Impact CEO Danielle Holly interviews fellow social impact champion Bea Boccalandro, President & Founder of VeraWorks. Bea coined the term “job purposing,” the concept of unlocking opportunities for employees to do societal good through their everyday jobs. She shares powerful stories of individuals finding purpose in their careers and tips on how to bring greater meaning to your workplace.

Common Impact Honors Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy of Service

Upholding MLK's Values of Equality, Justice and Leadership

Today, we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who once said, “Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve.” MLK Day is a federal holiday dedicated to service, honoring MLK’s commitment to addressing the deep inequities that existed – and still exist – within our society.

Welcome to Season 2 of the Pro Bono Perspectives Podcast ft. David Shapiro, MENTOR

The Mentoring Movement: Stand for Something, Stand with Someone
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Host and Common Impact CEO Danielle Holly begins season 2 of Pro Bono Perspectives with a call to turn our aspirations into plans and impact. She introduces the first guest of the season, MENTOR CEO David Shapiro, and other upcoming guests who are changing lives for the better, including PwC Responsible Business Leader Jeff Senne and VeraWorks President & Founder and job purposing pioneer Bea Boccalandro.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 124: Making Pro-Bono Volunteering Work for Your Organization

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Pro-bono volunteering can be a strategic resource for social change, benefitting companies, social good organizations and individuals. But what makes pro-bono relationships work for all partners, and how can your company or social good organization set up a pro bono program that has an impact?

Pro Bono Perspectives Podcast: Episode 19 - Colleen Olphert, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

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Pro Bono Perspectives host and Common Impact CEO Danielle Holly is joined by Colleen Olphert, Director of Membership and Member Services at the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC). Since 1985, BCCCC has been helping companies align corporate citizenship objectives and business goals to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Pro Bono Perspectives Podcast: Episode 18 - Greg Baldwin, VolunteerMatch

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In this episode of Pro Bono Perspectives, Common Impact CEO Danielle Holly and VolunteerMatch CEO Greg Baldwin reflect on the advantages and challenges of living in an age of unprecedented volunteering opportunities. Greg reveals how VolunteerMatch is taking strategic risks in order to stay competitive in the digital age and elevate the value of service experiences, both for volunteers and the organizations they support.

Episode 16: Having Uncomfortable Conversations with Sarah Beaulieu

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Pro Bono Perspectives host and Common Impact CEO Danielle Holly talks to Sarah Beaulieu, the founder of The Uncomfortable Conversation, a nonprofit that produces short-form videos that normalize conversations about consent, healthy relationships, and advocacy. Sarah is an expert at engaging men in conversations about sexual harassment and violence, and shares more about her work to support survivors of sexual violence. 

"I'm not here on this earth to share my story. I'm here on this earth to create a world where no more stories need to be told."

Pro Bono Perspectives: Episode 13 - Krista Canellakis, City & County of San Francisco

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We are thrilled to welcome, Krista Canellakis to Pro Bono Perspectives! Krista is the Chief Innovation Officer for the city and county of San Francisco. In her role, she connects creative people to projects that make cities more livable, inclusive and responsive. One of her office's signature programs is Civic Bridge, a program that puts pro bono talent from private sector professionals to work in solving critical city issues - you can see why we are excited to learn more!​

Pro Bono Perspectives Podcast: Episode 12 - Whitney Hampton, Gap Foundation

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We are so excited to welcome Whitney Hampton, Senior Manager at Gap Foundation to Pro Bono Perspectives to share her cross-sector journey! In her day-to-day role, Whitney manages Gap Inc's employee engagement programs. Whitney has a career that spans the nonprofit, public and private sectors starting her career at the nonprofit organization, KaBoom!  Whitney brings a unique cross-sector perspective to this conversation and is particularly excited about ways in which businesses and nonprofits can work together to create social change. 

2019 Outlook: Building Nonprofit Capacity Through Pro Bono Service

Honoring MLK Day by launching new service initiatives
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Join Common Impact's CEO, Danielle Holly and Associate Director of Field Building, Molly Weinstein as they honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy by sharing new initiatives to make an even deeper impact in our communities. 


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