Outlook 2020: Sustainable Investing & Stakeholder Capitalism


by Jon Hale, Ph.D,  head of sustainable investing research for Morningstar. In 2018, Hale was named to Barron’s list of the 20 most influential people in ESG investing, and in 2019, he was included in the InvestmentNews’ 10 leaders of ESG & Impact investing

Shutdown’s Economic Impact Is a Forceful Reminder of Why Government Matters

By Andrew J. Hoffman and Ellen Hughes-Cromwick for The Conversation

As the United States endures the longest shutdown in its history, Americans are getting a taste of life without government.

The absence of some services are clearly visible, such as a buildup of trash at national parks or longer lines at airport security checkpoints. Others, like those felt primarily by businesses, are less noticeable but arguably more important, such as an inability to get a small business loan or limited service from the IRS, Securities and Exchange Commission and other key agencies.

AEP Answers Questions About Transitioning to a Competitive Market

Multimedia with summary

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has repeatedly asked AEP Ohio to delay going to a competitive market -  and AEP agreed each time because it was what was best for customers. Now, the company is being pressed toward competition.  Learn about AEP’s plan to transition to a competitive market by watching the attached video.  If you have questions about this transition, please post on our blog;  a customer service representative will respond.

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