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Alcatel-Lucent Foundation: ConnectEd India Employee Engagement Highlights


Girls in India face many gender barriers when pursuing a career. English classes taught by Alcatel-Lucent employee volunteers, and virtual mentorship sessions with high-level staff prepare and motivate girl students of ConnectEd to develop and achieve their career goals.

ConnectEd Success Story: Rashmi in ABHAS ConnectEd ICT lab


Despite her husband’s objections, Rashmi joined the ICT course offered with ConnectEd India. ConnectEd opens conversations among students about gender roles and helps address the technology gender gap.

Read more about how Rashmi is closing the gender gap in technology and preparing for work in Delhi.


More about ConnectEd:

Alcatel-Lucent Blog: The Digital Reservation


As an engineer working for a global communications networking company, I cannot overstate the value of having a good education.  My teenage son, however, is more amazed by the fact that I was schooled during the “B.C. era” -- before computers. Looking back on my years in high school, it’s hard to imagine how I excelled without a PC, let alone Internet access. Back then of course, we didn’t know what we were missing.  Now we do.


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