Malaria No More Honors 21st Century Fox and Star India With the Media Leader Award

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NEW YORK, May 10, 2018 /3BL Media/ - Malaria No More will present 21st Century Fox, one of the world’s leading portfolios of news, sports, and entertainment brands, and its subsidiary Star India, the largest media company in India, with the Media Leader Award at its 12th Annual International Honors event tonight. The companies will be honored for their remarkable legacy and leadership in raising awareness of the urgent need to end malaria, a preventable disease that kills a child every two minutes. 

The Key to Fighting Chronic Disease in South-East Asia: Young People

More than half the ASEAN region’s 630 million people are under age 30. Harald Nusser, Head of Novartis Social Business, says that to fight the rise of chronic disease in South East Asia we need to inform its youth on the importance of healthy lifestyles.

Dr. Margaret Chan & Michael Bloomberg: Political Will Needed to Win Fight Against Noncommunicable Diseases


Originally posted on WHO

Our modern way of life is a major cause of many noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). Initially lifestyle diseases of industrialized countries, they have long since reached developing countries and lead to serious consequences and tremendous costs for health care systems worldwide. Above all, the implementation of sustainable solutions calls for political action.

Plant Breeding Helps Farmers Have Better Harvests

By Sam Eathington, Monsanto Vice President, Global Plant Breeding

Anyone who has a backyard garden knows that growing food can be challenging. Some years, it’s really dry, and even when you water in the morning and in the evening, your garden still looks thirsty. Other years, an unknown disease or insect sets in—your plants look feeble, and they produce fewer harvestable fruits and vegetables. After all the day-in and day-out work, this outcome is quite discouraging – knowing for all your effort, you’ll probably harvest less, and it likely won’t taste as good.

Bloomberg View: Organic Food

Premium Prices and Uncertain Benefits

Organic food sales have gone through the roof. It’s no wonder. It’s widely believed that organic foods are more nutritious and safer than non-organic — they’re even said to fight cancer — even though the evidence is far from clear.

Sanofi Partners with Nigerian Government to Tackle Diseases

Sanofi to work with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health
Press Release

(3BL Media) August 15, 2012 - As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), to provide quality health care system to Nigerians, Sanofi, a pharmaceutical company has partnered with the Federal Ministry of Health to eradicate communicable and non-communicable diseases in the country.

Speaking recently in Lagos, at the presentation of an award ceremony organised by the company in collaboration with Connecting Nurses, the Medical Manager of Sanofi, Mr. Frank Umeh, noted that in the area of non- communicable diseases, ignorance was one of the major problems.

Mayor Nutter to Issue a Proclamation to Kick-Off Stop Diabetes Week

The American Diabetes Association Is Educating the City of Philadelphia about Diabetes
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Horn of Africa Relief


Earlier this month, UPS delivered an entire aircraft full of urgently needed food aid to Africa. The charter was the result of a request by the World Food Programme, one of UPS’s key partners in disaster relief, which has mobilized to assist victims of a famine in the Horn of Africa.

Watch video of UPS flight for famine relief


UPS to Ship 100+ Metric Tons of Food and Supplies to Aid Famine Relief in The Horn of Africa


UPS flexes its logistics muscle to assist UNICEF and WFP(World Food Programme) with supplies shipments to famine ravaged East Africa.


UPS flexes its logistics muscle to assist UNICEF and WFP(World Food Programme) with supplies shipments to famine ravaged East Africa.


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