Parched: California Drought Update

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As Californians continue to look beseechingly to the skies for signs of any kind of rainfall, the effects of this drought are indeed far-reaching. The policies that emerge from this disastrously dry year may ultimately alter what foods we eat, where we build new homes and even what sports we play. Earlier this year, we heard from the President of the Pacific Institute, Peter Gleick, as he told us of the critical nature of this drought, even in its early stages. This week on Sea Change Radio, host Alex Wise speaks again to Dr.

Contemplating the California Drought


We are all aware that California is facing a serious water shortage.  The crisis came into the spotlight early this year after a “summery” winter that brought little rainfall.  However, while this drought is directly effecting many people, there are still many more that do not feel the results of this disaster in their everyday lives.  They are still taking long showers, not fixing leaky pipes, and over-watering their lawns.  Yes, they are conscious of the fact that there is a drought, but since they don’t see the effects clearly in their every day life, it may not be affecting them persona

AT&T Teams with EDF to Help Companies Reduce Water Waste


By Tim Fleming, Director of Sustainability Operations, AT&T

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, over 48 percent of the United States was in drought status as of May 2014. 77 percent of California is now considered to be in “extreme or exceptional” drought conditions. Parts of the Plains states are experiencing drought circumstances comparable to the 1930s Dust Bowl. In 2012, drought conditions cost a record $30 billion in damage.

California Drought Dries Up Hydro, But Power Stays On

Solar, wind, natural gas, and planning help stave off energy crisis for parched state.
California's record drought has parched crops, but hasn't yet dimmed lights or choked the flow of electricity, even though the Golden State, with more than 300 dams, has long been a hydroelectricity leader among U.S. states.

The Water Wars

Innovative ideas and solutions are in hot pursuit of U.S. water problems.

Green Builder Media President Ron Jones has an ominous prediction: “If you think the oil wars are bad, wait until the water wars begin.”  With severe drought conditions expanding across the globe, I fear that his warning may become a reality sooner, and more acutely, than we think.

Cut Water Use for Today’s Drought—And Tomorrow’s


California is experiencing its driest year on record, facing a drought that impacts industries across the state: electricity, farming, fishing, even tourism. Governor Jerry Brown declared the drought a statewide emergency last January, and President Obama visited the state on Friday to speak firsthand with farmers and other stakeholders about how the drought is impacting them.

U.S. Drought: Is This the New Normal?


By now most of the country is aware of the severe drought conditions impacting California. Now entering its third year, it is also affecting neighboring states and is an increasing cause for concern. 

Fracking in Water-Stressed Zones Increases Risks to Communities – and Energy Producers

Posted by Sandra Postel
Even as concerns arise about the threats hydraulic fracturing poses to water quality and human health, a new study released yesterday finds that the water demands of the “fracking” process are adding considerably to localized water depletion, especially in parts of Texas, Colorado, and California. (Vote and comment: “How Has Fracking Changed Our Future?“)

Peter Gleick on the California Drought

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2013 was the driest year on record in California, and the state’s snowpack is at 12% of what it should be. Considering that this state alone houses an eighth of the US population, maintains over 25 million acres of farmland with a GDP larger than that of Canada, the current California drought reaches well beyond the borders of the golden state.


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