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Duke Engineer Builds Robots that Protect & Serve


When robots are mentioned, it’s easy to conjure up memories of old science fiction movies. But do they have a place in today’s energy industry?

Kentucky employee Steve Hinkel is working on it. His innovative efforts teaching and designing robots have already caught the attention of local law enforcement and may have a future at Duke Energy.

Water Resources Fund Provides $5 Million for Waterways


Healthy waterways are vital to the communities Duke Energy serves. But we can’t do it alone.

Over the past two years, Duke Energy’s Water Resources Fund has helped fund 59 projects by organizations across the Carolinas and Virginia, providing support for the good work done by others.

The fund helps support projects that strengthen water quality, reinforce the importance of conservation, and expand public access to waterways for citizens and visitors across the region.

Duke Energy Adding More Wind & Solar Resources


Renewable energy technologies are advancing and prices are decreasing. Duke Energy is leveraging those advancements to expand its renewable energy portfolio and deliver cleaner energy to its customers.

In total, the company has more than 20 wind projects and 60 solar facilities in operation in over a dozen states, totaling about 3,000 megawatts (MW) of generating capacity.

For wind energy, the company completed two more projects last year – one in Texas and the other in Oklahoma. Duke Energy now harvests the wind in seven states.

Putting Rights of Way to Work for Wildlife


Duke Energy manages the land over which more than 30,000 miles of transmission lines traverse – that’s more than enough to circle the globe.

With that much property to manage, the company has focused on how to put it to work for imperiled wildlife. Utility rights of way can serve as valuable corridors for threatened wildlife.

In Indiana, Vigo Volunteers, Duke Energy Come Through for the Hungry

By Sue Loughlin, Tribune-Star

Tears of joy streamed down Anita Cheeks’ face as Duke Energy volunteers took box after box of canned foods and other non-perishable items into the basement of St. Joseph’s Church parish offices.

“This is such a blessing,” she said, and it will free up funds enabling the church’s Samaritan Ministry food pantry program to purchase more perishable items, including meat. 

How to Plant 500,000 Trees: One at a Time


Charlotte, N.C., likes to be known as the City of Trees, but keeping that name requires a lot of work because development and aging trees are threats to the city's tree canopy. So the city decided in 2011 to cover half of Charlotte with trees by 2050. Doing that requires planting 500,000 trees.

Green Microgrids Could be a New Growth Initiative for Duke Energy


Microgrids aren’t new. But Duke Energy’s efforts to power them with renewable energy have caught the attention of the industry.

In simple terms, a microgrid is an energy system consisting of distributed energy sources – like solar and batteries – that can operate in parallel with, or independently from, the main power grid.

It promotes energy security – giving customers a reliable energy supply without the need of the full energy grid, or even fossil fuels.

Meter Recycling Helps People & the Environment


New smart meters are being installed throughout the Duke Energy service territories.

These new meters can collect the same data as the old ones, but unlike the old meters that were read once a month, smart meters relay data hourly, giving customers more insight into their energy usage than ever before.

Great innovation. But what happens to the old meters?

Crowdsourcing Helps Teachers Make a Difference


Duke Energy is partnering with DonorsChoose.org to help teachers in Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina and South Carolina fund projects that support literacy programs and foster a growing interest in science and technology fields.


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