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Barclays Promotes Access to Financial and Digital Empowerment

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In 2017 over 97,000 people engaged with our 14 Eagle Labs across the UK, helping local businesses to start-up and grow.

The challenge: Inclusive financial systems are key to achieving economic and societal progress.

Our ambition: We are keen to play a leading role in increasing access to financial services. We are doing this in two ways: through the creation of targeted and accessible products and services, and by enhancing financial and digital skills.

A Day in the Life of Barclays Eagle Labs

Multimedia with summary

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Bournemouth is one of nine Barclays Eagle Labs across the country, from Jersey to Salford. Just over a year after its launch, we spent a day there finding out what goes on in the buzzing environment of a Lab … and how to make an animatronic dragon.

Supporting the UK to Be One of the Most Digitally Savvy Nations on Earth


The digital revolution signals an era of huge opportunity. It is already affecting us all – changing the ways in which we interact as individuals and societies. It is providing us with more opportunities and greater choice but it is also disruptive and is changing the ways we live our lives. To truly benefit – it also requires us to develop new skills and confidence constantly.

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