Employee Training: eLearning, Virtual Training, and Microlearning Explained


Kids aren’t the only ones going back to school over the next few weeks; most employees need training too. And choosing the right training path for your employees can mean the difference between keeping them engaged or having them zone out without retaining any information.

Now is a great time to update and refresh your employee training resources, but the training options out there can seem confusing at first. From virtual to eLearning to in-person training, the choices can be overwhelming - which is the right one for you and your company?

3 Tips to Make Your Low-Risk Office Workplace Safer


As an Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Manager, your job is to understand the top hazards found within your business and put plans in place to avoid them. This includes office work environments. And while offices might be “low risk” when compared to industrial workplaces, it doesn’t mean that they are “no risk,” and should be managed accordingly.

How Drones are Changing EHS Remediation

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Technology is always evolving, and now drones are one of the next big things. Not only can they be used for personal photo and video taking, but they can also be used professionally in a variety of industries from entertainment to archaeology.

Thanks to sophisticated advances in drone technology, these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are vital tools within the full scope of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) solutions as well. Here we’ll explore how drones help EHS professionals safely undertake site investigation and remediation.

Building a Culture of Safety: A Transformative Approach to Environmental, Health and Safety

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) is more than just saying the right things and ticking the right boxes. And determining how safe a project is shouldn’t just be measured by its incident report or lack thereof.

While metrics are important, this way of thinking leaves little room for proactivity and preemptive action. It incentivizes teams to score well in the almighty audit and results in performative and superficial safety solutions. When we are preoccupied with tedious bureaucracy, and motivated primarily by avoiding penalties, we lose sight of what is the single most important reason for EHS practices: making sure everyone gets home safe to their loved ones.

Most Common OSHA Citations by Workplace


Imagine you had the choice between two nearly identical job offers. The only difference: One company had multiple health and safety citations and the other didn’t. Where would you rather work?

It’s hard to imagine anyone choosing the company that cares less about worker safety.

From the employer side, it makes sense to prioritize environmental, health, and safety (EHS). In addition to the human side of the equation, a focus on EHS can help avoid costly fines, lawsuits, and interruptions in productivity.

Drones in EHS Remediation: Combining Technology and Human Expertise


Drone technology has (forgive the pun) taken off in the last decade. These now-ubiquitous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are being used by industries across the spectrum from entertainment to archaeology.

Exiting a Facility: A Checklist To Preserve Your Sanity


When exiting a facility for any reason, such as lease exportation, manufacturing shutdown, operations relocation, termination of business, etc., there is a long list of to-dos. Many of the activities on this list are not typical operational functions. Often businesses attempt to continue normal operations until the last possible moment, thereby keeping their normal staff occupied with their assignments and accountabilities - but someone needs to begin the planning process for operational shutdown, plant closing, and maybe even facility demolition.

Bring On the Heat: Get Ahead of Summer EHS Hazards


With the start of Summer comes a renewed focus on Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) programs in workplaces with June kicking off the National Safety Council’s National Safety Month. There’s no better time to focus on safety with hazards like unpredictable weather, heat stress, and biological hazards with different bugs and critters coming out. Read on to keep your teams safe this summer.

EHSxRetail on Revitalizing Health and Safety in a “Post-Pandemic” Workplace


Antea Group recently hosted our EHSxRetail event in-person (and virtually)! We were lucky enough to gather at Burberry in New York to discuss all things EHS-related with retail industry members – thank you to our host Russell Del’Re, Health and Safety Manager at Burberry for making this meeting possible. The lively discussion focused on how EHS has changed over the pandemic years and what the rising focus on ESG means for the retail industry.

Data Center Operations - Navigating EHS Challenges


Antea Group is always pleased to host our technology industry peer event, EHSxTech®. Our latest event focused on data center operations and how peers are navigating their environment, health, and safety (EHS) challenges. We welcomed two data center professionals who led a panel discussion and shared their individual EHS journeys at their organizations and some of their strategies for making EHS compliance progress.


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