ING Foundation Awards College Scholarships

Young Investors in Denver Receive ‘big check’

How would you perform managing a virtual, $50,000 portfolio? Young girls participating in the ING-Girls Inc. Investment Challenge have spent the past three years learning about money-management, and the gains they realized from their investment portfolio have translated into real dollars for their continued education.

Empowerment - A New Post from the Allison & Partners' Blog, It's About the Work


The enemy of creativity is the word “no.”  I’m reminded of this just as Allison & Partners has wrapped up its first Cause Conference in Los Angeles.  Many years ago, I had an idea to host one of these conferences as a means to help my firm stay competitive in the marketplace.  I brought the concept to my former CEO and received the following feedback, “we are a PR firm, not conference planners.”  This always gnawed at me.  Not because I felt I was smarter than the CEO, but because he just flat out turned it down without recognizing that there migh


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