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ESG reporting is all about disclosing information covering an organization's operations and risks in three areas: environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and corporate governance. Download our ESG Report 101: What you need to know.

Key Takeaways

SEC Posts Sample Letter on Climate Change Disclosure


By: Steve Soter

The Securities and Exchange Commission has posted a sample letter highlighting potential disclosures that public companies should consider related to climate change.

ESG Disclosure Language on the Rise in 10-K Filings


By Nick Mazing & Steve Soter

Public companies are adding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) language to 10-K filings in a big way: some terms are showing up three times more often than two years ago, our search of public filings found.

ESG Fireside Chat: You, Me, and ESG - Uniting Sustainability and Finance


Presenters: Mandi McReynolds, Steve Soter

Duration: 60 minutes

Key Takeaways

Sustainability leaders want to drive ESG reporting to meet stakeholder needs. Meanwhile, finance teams need to know that ESG data will be held to the same level of scrutiny as financial data in every disclosure. 

So who takes the wheel? 

7 Must-Haves for Future-Proof ESG Reporting Software


Compiling data to report on environmental, social, and governance metrics is easier with ESG disclosure software. Download our Checklist for the seven things to look for in an ESG reporting platform that will evolve along with ESG disclosure frameworks.

How Teams Can Tackle the Two Biggest ESG Challenges Head On


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is growing rapidly in relevance for those in the U.S. While some teams may know of its value, they may not have standards in place at the same level of their other reporting.

Half of Investors Struggle to Trust ESG Reports


By Ruby Flanagan

Investors noted a demand for ESG data they can trust, with 64% noting that they currently find it challenging to judge whether a company is doing the right thing and when asked if they found it difficult to trust what companies are disclosing in their ESG reports, only 10% of respondents disagreed.

It's Proxy Season, and All Eyes Are on ESG Reporting


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters are getting more face time at annual shareholder meetings, with questions for CEOs and companies.
As proxy season rolls on, Workiva Senior Director of ESG Mandi McReynolds talks with Marty Vanderploeg of Workiva for a CEO’s perspective and with Financial Services Industry Principal Arthy Kumar for what individual investors can look for in a company’s sustainability reporting. 

The CSRD: Breaking Down the Walls Between ESG and Finance


There’s a lot to talk about in the European Commission’s proposals for a Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) that were shared on 21 April. I will explore some of its biggest talking points in a moment, but for now I’m going to start with a change that might seem trivial to some. The name of the directive. 


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