Evolve Small

Lenovo and the Carolina Panthers Help Businesses “Evolve Small”

by Vlad Rozanovich, President of North America ISO, Lenovo

We have all been told that when you shop local, you are enriching towns, neighborhoods, and cities — and the people who live in those communities. But to me, supporting local small businesses is more than that.

It’s about fostering a sense of identity and belonging, giving recognition to the authenticity and resilience of local entrepreneurs who are the backbone of our communities. It’s bringing prosperity to the people who, even in the most challenging times, have been there to give you a meal, a haircut, a class, or exceptional service.

Evolve Small: Supporting Community Businesses

by Carl Pinto, Vice President and North America COO, Lenovo

321 Coffee in Raleigh, North Carolina has a mission. Well, maybe two missions.

One is to serve their caffeinated elixir to their customers at the North Carolina State Farmers Market. After all, nothing beats a delicious, eye-opening latte or cappuccino while you’re picking out some fresh fruits and vegetables on a Saturday morning, planning the evening meal.

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