Exxon Fuels Denial

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Children learn that lying is wrong, often in kindergarten. Apparently, somewhere on the road to becoming corporate leaders, they un-learn that lesson, especially if they are running multinational oil companies. Today on Sea Change Radio we talk with The Guardian’s Suzanne Goldenberg who has been leading the charge in explaining the significance of an email which shows Exxon has been aware of the link between its operations and climate change for quite some time.

Boston Nonprofit Ceres Stresses Green Effort

Its philosophy: Good environmental policy is good for business

By Jill Terreri Ramos

In 2007, the technology giant EMC Corp. turned to a Boston nonprofit to help it become more environmentally sensitive — but worried that relations could become tense.

Fossil Fuel's Persuasive New Strategy

By Carol Pierson Holding

The Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) just released an analysis of the “Financial Impact of the Coming Low-Carbon Transition,” which computed the potential value lost to stranded assets, or what fossil fuel companies will have to leave in the ground in oil, gas and coal.

Investors Could Drive Real Fossil Fuel Investment Retreat


By Carol Pierson Holding

The sustainable investing community has a saying that their greatest achievement will be to put themselves out of business. The fossil fuel divestment movement could say the same: when fossil fuel companies stop their relentless drilling and all assets currently held in reserves are abandoned, drivers of the movement will be looking for work.

The way things are going with fossil fuel companies, we might be able to halt the divestment movement sooner than we think.

Assigning Corporate Blame for Global Warming Now Possible


By Carol Pierson Holding

Three recent headlines offer disturbing news to climate advocates. Together, they show catastrophic aggression from the fossil fuel producers.

110 Shareholder Resolutions Related to Climate Change and Fossil Fuel Use Yield Strong Results During 2013 Proxy Season

Investors win company commitments to address flaring and fracking; carbon bubble and methane emission resolutions win strong support
Press Release

BOSTON, July 25, 2013 /3BL Media/ – Investors achieved noteworthy victories during this year’s shareholder proxy season, with a near record 110 shareholder resolutions filed with 94 U.S. companies on hydraulic fracturing, flaring, fossil fuel reserve risks and other climate – and sustainability – related risks and opportunities.

Jury Finds Exxon Liable for $236.4 Million in U.S. Pollution Suit


By Jason McLure 

(Reuters) – A New Hampshire jury on Tuesday found Exxon Mobil Corp liable for $236.4 million (154.2 million pounds) in a civil lawsuit that charged the oil company had polluted groundwater in the state with a gasoline additive used to reduce smog in the 1970s and 1980s.


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