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Paga joins the Business Call to Action by empowering local entrepreneurs to provide payments and digital financial services to Nigerians
Press Release

Lagos, Nigeria, November 28, 2016 /3BL Media/ – Nigeria-based Paga has joined the Business Call to Action (BCtA) with a pledge to expand its network of local entrepreneur agents to 40,000 across the country in order to serve 22 million customers by 2018. By that same year, the company aims to extend its savings and credit products to 5 million people across Nigeria.

The PayPal and Kiva Connection: A Shared Mission

Blog by Premal Shah, President and Co-founder, Kiva

I joined PayPal as one of their first 50 employees in 2000 as a product manager. Little did I know that this job was going to lead me into my career as an social entrepreneur and that PayPal would be the company that helped make Kiva, a global nonprofit, possible.

In the early days of PayPal it was really just a group of strange geniuses. We were all a little weird, but it was really clear how intelligent and dedicated the team was to building a global payment service from the get go.

How MetLife Foundation Supports Financial Inclusion in China

As part of a series on “Local Perspectives on Financial Health”, Sarah Willis, MetLife Foundation and Julia Arnold, a Financial Inclusion Consultant, teamed up to take a closer look at improving access and usage of financial services and products in China

MetLife Foundation’s goal is to improve financial inclusion across its footprint, which includes economically and geographically diverse markets. We seek to ensure that low- and moderate-income families in these markets can acquire and successfully use the products and services they need to build a better, more secure life. Yet the implementation of a global financial inclusion strategy is complex so we try to approach the challenges with innovative solutions that reach consumers in different ways.

Financial Health Means More than Financial Inclusion


Here’s a sobering data point for you, courtesy of the recent EMERGE conference in New Orleans: 138 million people in the United States are financially unhealthy. They are not exclusively from the lower-income brackets, either. In fact, one-third of households with income of $100,000 (or more) struggle to manage their financial lives. They may be over-indebted or underinsured. They may not be able to manage day-to-day expenses, respond to emergencies quickly, or take advantage of opportunities.

Enabling Greater Financial Capability


By: Shamarukh Mohiuddin

An astounding two billion people around the world still lack access to modern financial services. While the finance gap is most acute in the developing world, communities and businesses across the United States also lack adequate access to finance. In the meantime, there are still big gaps in financial literacy and capability even among those who have access to finance. 

Announcing the Winners of the Living Progress Challenge

by Chris Wellise, Director of Strategic Initiatives for HPE Living Progress

It was a day full of inspiration, creativity and emotion.

On August 3, I was honored to watch as the 10 finalists of the Living Progress Challenge gathered on stage at the New Lab venue in New York, and pitched their prototypes for digital solutions to accelerate social good.

MetLife Foundation Sponsors Series of Studies on Financial Inclusion in Japan

Research reports published in partnership with Japan NPO Center to help raise awareness and promote initiatives on financial inclusion
Press Release

July 21, 2016 /3BL Media/ - MetLife Foundation is proud sponsor of a series of research reports published by Japan NPO Center to help raise awareness and promote initiatives on financial inclusion in Japan.

Old Mutual on Financial Inclusion: Why it Matters

Multimedia with summary

Why it matters

Education is only part of the solution. People also need access to suitable products.

New ways to meet financial needs


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