Sanofi – Good Morning Sanofi – Meet Joya

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Meet Joya, a student entrepreneur in apprenticeship @Sanofi.


Nespresso and Local Coffee Farmers in South Sudan Progress in Rebuilding Coffee Industry

Nespresso launches 2nd edition of Limited Edition SULUJUA ti South Sudan
Press Release

October 5, 2016 ​/3BL Media/ - Despite the ongoing conflict, South Sudanese coffee farmers are making progress in reviving the country’s coffee industry.  The result of their hard work and dedication – the Nespresso limited edition Grand Cru SULUJA ti South Sudan* - will launch in five new countries later this month, having previously only been available in France.

As France Bans Plastics Demand For Biomaterials Will Increase


The new law, which requires that all disposable cups, plates and cutlery are made of biosourced material, and are fully compostible, comes into effect in 2020. It comes as part of the Energy Transition for Green Growth – an ambitious plan that aims to allow France to make a more effective contribution to tackling climate change.

Meet Murielle Treil from France


School: Thomas Mann middle school 

Subject and Grade Taught: Physics and Chemistry

Years Teaching: 23 years

Years in Amgen Teach community: 1

Participation in Amgen Teach programme:

National training at ‘Fondation la main à la pâte‘and the 12th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab 

Making an Impact Around the Globe: Amgen France Staff Come Together to Give Back


Amgen France’s annual volunteer day engages the entire staff for a day of living Amgen’s values by positively impacting the wellbeing of the local community. In January, nearly 320 staff members participated in a series of projects and fundraising events through Unis-Cité, a community service program that benefits local charities.

Meet Christelle Rigal from France


School: Lycée Louis-le-Grand

Subject and Grade Taught: Earth and Life Sciences, years 10th to 12th

Years Teaching: 9

Years in Amgen Teach community: 6 months

Participation in Amgen Teach programme:

• Genome: dynamic and expression (national training)

• Inquiry Based Science project about Water Quality (DLA, recorded session only)

Plan Bee: Combating the Declining Bee Population


A troubling trend has been preoccupying scientists: Honey bees are disappearing or dying at increasing rates. Last year alone, 44% of the bee colonies in the United States disappeared. While no exact cause has been determined, scientists have termed the issue Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a phenomenon in which very low or no adult honey bees are present in formerly active hives, leaving behind only food and a live queen. While the issue itself is puzzling, the decline of the honey bee population also has a major impact on humans.

A Statement from Dean Seavers, U.S. President, National Grid

Press Release
WALTHAM, Mass., July 15, 2016 /3BL Media/ - National Grid’s U.S. President, Dean Seavers, issued the following statement today.

Sanofi - Good Morning Sanofi - Meet Nicolas from Shanghai

Multimedia with summary

Meet Nicolas a French expatriate in Shanghai!


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Inspiring Young Women at Cisco France’s Eighth Connected Girls Event

by Natacha Comar

Superheroes like Wonder Woman only exist in the comic books; or do they? At Cisco, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs are everywhere, inspiring the next generation of young women to pursue a career in the IT field and become global problem solvers. And earlier this year, at Cisco France’s Eighth annual “Connected Girls” event, more than 150 students visited the Paris offices to discover the opportunities available in the IT industry.


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