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Overcoming a Heart-Lung Transplant to Help Others

Mark Black Inspires with His Story of Survival

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Mark Black is an inspiring speaker, talking about the challenges he’s overcome in life, and how others can do the same.  Born with a congenital defect in his heart, he has gone on to run marathons and inspire countless others with his story.  He came by this wisdom by living it - it comes straight from his heart.

Beating Leukemia and Building a New Life

The Healing Power of Working for the Greater Good

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My friend Rob Meadows grew up on the move, the third of four boys in his family.  During his childhood they lived in a variety of states and even as far as New Zealand, and through it all, his father was always there for him.  As Rob grew and pursued his education as far as a PhD, he knew his father was proud.  Which made it all the harder when Rob faced leukemia and his father was no longer there for him.

The Gift of a Crisis

Brooke Miller finds her calling after surviving brain surgery twice

Sustainability and the Healing Power of Helping Others

Help yourself by helping others

Sustainability means different things to different people.  To some it’s all about protecting for the long term the many ecosystems and organisms threatened around the world by humanity.  It’s a big vision, and one I believe in, leading me to write a book or two about the topic.  An even broader view is that sustainability is also about helping the people we share our planet with, working for the greater good for all of us, as described in my new book Gifts from the Train Station.

From Adversity to Advocacy

The Healing Power of the Greater Good

I’ve met a lot of amazing people lately while working on my new book Gifts from the Train Station, people who had their lives knocked by everything from cancer to car accidents but held on to hope and not only survived but went on to do great things with the second chance they were given.  By working for the greater good and reaching out to help others, they also healed themselves.  One of these inspiring people was Jeff Bell, author, ra

The Healing Power of Helping Others

Gifts from the Train Station Book Launches

A few years ago my friend Rob was diagnosed with leukemia and given two months to live. Rob fought the cancer with everything he had, going through chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, until deep in a skyrocketing fever he found himself in a misty train station, a train waiting to carry him to the other side. But Rob knew he had more to do still and came back, beating the cancer to survive.

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