Sustainability 2011: Measuring our Results, Helping Customers Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

In 2010, Verizon improved its carbon efficiency by more than 15 percent. This year, we plan to improve carbon efficiency by an additional 15 percent.
Our decision to announce a sustainability goal publically is new for Verizon. In the past, we’ve chosen to talk about results we have achieved, rather than focus on what we plan to do.

GM, Auto Industry, and Drivers Better Positioned for Changing Fuel Prices

GM White Paper summarizes industry trends and GM fuel economy initiatives

DETROIT – Recent jumps in prices at the pump are again making fuel economy a hot topic.  Reporters and analysts speculate about how high prices might go, how global events might affect oil prices, and how the auto business might be impacted.  Drivers, anxious over prices that seem to increase with each fill-up, wonder what next week will bring.

Dell Plans Pilot to Ship Products in Mushroom Packaging


The power of green drives our sustainable packaging strategy.  Today we're excited to announce the latest material innovation that allows shipment of some of our products in a earth friendly way.  Harvesting and using this organic material is being praised in the media and its story is one you will hear much about in the coming months. Dell's is announcing the beginning of a pilot for mushroom based packaging.

GM Leads in Clean-Energy Patents

Ranking demonstrates GM’s commitment to sustainable transportation
Press Release

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) DETROIT, MI - April 15, 2011 – General Motors received more clean-energy patents last year than any other organization, according to the Clean Energy Patent Growth Index of U.S. patents. GM’s 135 patents represent nearly 14 percent of the total 1,881 received by 700 entities.

This Earth Month, Climate Counts Tweets, Marches and Rides for Corporate Climate Action


Who made your t-shirt?

Inspired by our Green Watching campaign, our friends SustainU Clothing created a powerful video to help motivate consumers to raise their voices and demand more climate action from the companies making our t-shirts.


CBS Falls Short of Reaching Climate Counts Media Final Four


With the final score of the 2011 Final Four now in the history books, the Climate Counts Green Watching campaign happened to be thinking about the companies that brought you March Madness. CBS, parent company of Showtime and The CW, fell just short of reaching the Climate Counts media Final Four this year.

Green Watchers Raise Their Voices & Spin Their Wheels For Corporate Climate Action

Climate Ride Expands Beneficiaries to Nine Leading Green Organizations

We’re thrilled to be part of Climate Ride's 2011 charity cycling events! As part of our Green Watching campaign we’re offering up a chance to win a Climate Counts WEADDUP T-shirt to those who tweet “I’m @GreenWatching and I support @ClimateCounts on the @ClimateRide you should too!

Consumers tell McDonald's: I'm Green, I'm Watching and I think Climate Counts


This week, in preparation for the Climate Counts open dialogue with McDonald’s March 16th at noon, Climate Counts is asking Green Watchers to send @McDonalds a tweet: “I’m #green, I’m watching & I think @ClimateCounts! #climate.”


This week, in preparation for the Climate Counts open dialogue with McDonald’s March 16th at noon, Climate Counts is asking Green Watchers to send @McDonalds a tweet: “I’m #green, I’m watching & I think @ClimateCounts! #climate.”

Consumer Voices Focus on Improving McDonald’s Climate Leadership from the Ground Up


First, let’s do the numbers: McDonald’s has over 32,478 restaurants in 60% of the world’s countries and recorded $24 billion in revenue last year. That’s more restaurants than any other company in the world, and $24 billion is…well, it’s a lot of money.

Moving beyond that extraordinary number of drive-thrus, global presence, and Fortune 150 revenue of McDonald’s, what’s more impressive is how quickly the company can change, particularly in response to the voices of consumers. 

Philips: Green Leader or Greenwasher? #Tshirt Tuesday


This week the Climate Counts Green Watching campaign is telling Philips they want to see a Climate Counts score. Philips pulled in $35 billion dollars in revenue last year and, according to its annual report, reduced its operational carbon footprint from 1,937 to 1,808 kilotons CO2-equivalent. The company also has an entire green campaign and green logo for its products. But is Philips a green leader or a greenwasher?


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