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Dr. Jenna Jambeck Wants People to Get in Touch With Their Trash

As World Oceans Day approaches, a leading environmental engineer talks about recycling plastic, corporate responsibility and where she sees glimmers of clean-up hope.

When she’s not teaching at the University of Georgia or speaking at conferences and symposia around the world, Dr. Jenna Jambeck is likely to be found wearing green rubber boots and black gloves while digging through some trash. She might be at a landfill near Athens, Georgia, on a beach near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, or along the banks of the Ganges in India.

Secret Montreal Lab Makes Used Plastic New Again

By Kris Abel

A secret Montreal laboratory has developed a breakthrough technology that may help save the planet – and keep your local taxes low at the same time.

While you dutifully separate household waste into a rainbow of colorful recycling bins, many cities aren’t able to recycle household plastics any more. Calgary recently found itself holding 1,400 tonnes of plastics — with nowhere to send them.

HP Takes the Circular Economy to the Next Level

Words by Amy Brown

For a company that has been recycling its hardware and toner cartridges since the 1980s, moving to a circular economy was not that big of a leap for printer and personal computer leader HP Inc. Now the company says it is determined to build new, circular supply chains and lead the industry on incorporating post-consumer plastic in its products and keep that waste out of the oceans.

Can Summer Camps Help Close Tech’s Gender Gap?

This summer, girls across the country will head for adventures in coding, researching DNA, building robots and even making a salad — in space.

By Deborah Lynn Blumberg

Summer camp has evolved dramatically since America’s first organized camp, the Gunnery Camp, was founded in 1861 in Connecticut to teach boys to hunt, fish and shoot. It set the model for the kind of summers many remember from childhood:  An oasis in the wilderness, slathered in sunscreen and bug spray shooting bows and arrows, braiding friendship bracelets and competing in canoe races. But times have changed.

HP Inc. Continues Rich Legacy Of Sustainability As Outlined In 2018 Report

by Patrick Moorhead

As a technology analyst, I spend a lot of time jet setting from conference to conference, covering the latest greatest advances in technology and IT solutions. Another part of what I cover, though, is the kinder, gentler material that’s under the hood—company culture, CSR, and the like. Environmental sustainability is a huge issue that in my experience doesn’t get talked about enough in big tech.

HP Inc.'s 2018 Sustainable Impact Report

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HP Inc. creates technology that makes life better for everyone everywhere—every person, every organization, and every community around the globe.

About this report
This report includes HP’s performance data through FY2018 (which ended October 31, 2018), unless stated otherwise. It also describes HP’s Sustainable Impact policies, programs, and goals.

HP's Sustainable Impact Report: 5 Key Takeaways For Partners

HP is seeing an increase in new revenue tied to sustainability as it boosts efforts around recycled plastic and ‘zero deforestation’ print paper.

by Kyle Alspach

HP reports it has upcycled 716,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastic into its products.

HP Inc. is making big strides toward achieving its environmental and social goals, and that has major implications for the company's business and for partners' businesses, according to the company's 2018 Sustainable Impact Report.

Partners should take note that HP revenue that's tied to sustainability--both indirect and direct revenue--is accelerating.

Infographic: HP Inc.'s 2018 Sustainable Impact Report Results

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HP announces 2018 Sustainable Impact Report results that seek to create lasting, positive change for the planet, its people, and communities.

Download the full infographic here and see their results. 

HP's New Consumer Contract: A Bold Pledge for Sustainability, One Cartridge at A Time

by David McQuarrie, Global Head of Print Business Management, HP Inc.

Manufacturers and consumers can work together in pursuit of a more sustainable future.


Manufacturers and consumers can work together in pursuit of a more sustainable future.

HP is Reinventing Print Sustainability

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Our pledge is that printing will be forest positive, printers and their energy will be carbon neutral, and all printer materials will put
safety first and support a circular economy.

Sustainable Partnerships

HP has launched a partnership with ELLE Magazine to deliver the world’s first sustainably printed fashion magazine. The cover was printed on 100% post-consumer waste paper stock. The interior pages on 30%. Both are FSC certified. Short-run of 400 issues was created exclusively for attendees of the Conservation International Gala in June 2019.


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