HPE Wins Two Asia-Pacific Global Citizenship Awards

  • HPE global citizenship recognized with two corporate sustainability awards in Taiwan
  • Chief Sustainability Officer, Christopher Wellise, recognized for professional leadership

Hungry for Solutions: HPE and the World Economic Forum Tackle Today’s — and Tomorrow’s — Food Challenges

CTO Mark Potter explores our first Tech Impact 2030 challenge — to help solve world hunger by 2030
  • In collaboration with Purdue University, HPE is blending research, innovations and disruptive technologies to produce food, fuel and fiber more effectively than ever before
  • HPE and the World Economic Forum announced Tech Impact 2030, an initiative focused on bringing together technology, industry and government to power meaningful change by the year 2030

What If We Could Solve World Hunger?

CEO Antonio Neri shares how HPE and the World Economic Forum are convening global leaders to help solve for world hunger by 2030
  • In partnership with the World Economic Forum, HPE launches a new open collaboration focused on bringing together the brightest minds in technology, industry and government to power meaningful societal change by the year 2030
  • Tech Impact 2030 will focus on tackling key societal challenges facing global populations — starting with helping to solve world hunger by 2030

What if…”

HPE Ranked Among the World's Most Sustainable Companies

  • HPE global citizenship recognized by leading investor rating
  • This is the seventh consecutive year that HPE has been included
  • HPE ranked second out of all companies in the Technology Hardware & Equipment industry on the World Index and number one in North America

ESG Investing: What IT Leaders Need to Know


IT can play a pivotal role in a company’s environmental, social, and governance impact, criteria that are key to institutional investors. Greater access to data, lower environmental impact, and improved privacy and security controls are just a few things they look for when shopping for new investments. Here's what you need to know.

Feeding the World: IoT and the Intelligent Edge


HPE is partnering with Purdue University to uncover digital technologies with the potential to transform agricultural research. The objectives are increased crop yields with reduced inputs—and therefore less environmental impact. The partnership is exploring the potential for IoT and intelligent edge computing to revolutionize agricultural research practices and ultimately, farming efficiency.

Bringing Healthcare to Remote Communities: eHealth Centers


HPE is delivering an affordable and rapidly deployable digital healthcare solution for remote and underserved communities in India and the Philippines. We are working in a ground-breaking partnership with multiple healthcare providers, NGOs, and government organizations.
HPE eHealth Centers pair online training materials for remote healthcare workers with diagnostic tools that capture vital statistics on a cloud-based application.

Don’t Miss These 5 Highlights From HPE’s New Living Progress Sustainability Report


HPE’s new Living Progress Report demonstrates how we’re applying the innovation engine of HPE to corporate citizenship and sustainability.  At HPE, Living Progress is our plan to create sustainable solutions for our company, our customers, and our world. It’s the way we integrate sustainability into our business strategy, building on a commitment articulated by our founders 60 years ago.

Here are a few highlights from the report:

Catalyzing Supplier Climate Action in the IT Industry


Companies leading on climate action are driving impact beyond their own business operations by leveraging their purchasing power to drive low-carbon strategies and engagement throughout the supply chain.


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