HPE and Tokyo Institute of Technology Build the World's Most Powerful Green Supercomputer

The HPE SGI 8600 system in the TSUBAME 3.0 cluster will be Japan’s fastest artificial intelligence supercomputer

by Alain Andreoli, SVP and General Manager, Data Center Infrastructure Group

The amount of energy required to fuel today’s supercomputers is enormous and can create an immense drain on resources. This is because traditional supercomputers consume massive amounts of electrical power and produce high amounts of heat, requiring larger cooling facilities to be built to ensure proper performance. To address this challenge, a new breed of innovation is required, purpose-built to maximize efficiency without sacrificing performance and scale.

VIDEO: HPE Living Progress | A Message from Meg Whitman, President & CEO

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Meg Whitman, President and CEO of HPE, explains how Living Progress is helping build the sustainable business that will come to define our future. 

HPE Awarded for Innovation and Corporate Citizenship

HPE Wins Global Grand Prize for Innovation and Honored By Civic 50 for Community-Mindedness

This week, HPE took home two awards that recognized the company’s innovative initiatives and its ongoing efforts in the community. On Monday, HPE won the Global Grand Prize for Innovation at the ISPIM Innovation Conference in Vienna for the Living Progress Challenge, and on Wednesday, Civic 50 announced that HPE is on its list of the 50 most community-minded companies in the United States.

This Earth Day, Don’t Forget to Think Small

Using behavioral science to unleash the power of your employees’ everyday actions

By Digney Eisner & Robb Johnstone

Climate change. It’s certainly one of the biggest issues facing the planet and us, the 7 billion people who share it. Yet it’s become clearer than ever that we can’t rely on governments alone to do something about it. It’s imperative that the private sector step up as a force for Good — and we’re encouraged to see that it is. 

Innovation for Social Impact: Wrapping-up the First Living Progress Challenge

by Chris Wellise, Sr. Director, Social Innovation and Sustainability

Though a lot has changed since the garage days of Hewlett-Packard Company, that passionate, persistent, and bold entrepreneurial spirit has remained a core part of our company and culture. And on HPE's Living Progress team, it is with this drive that we create and actively support sustainable solutions for our company, our customers and our world.

Education That Matters

by Caroline Jenner, CEO of JA Europe

Worldwide, youth unemployment figures continue to be one of the most distressing statistics. They are a constant reminder of how much we have been neglecting education. Activating young people for the future of jobs is more critical than ever: Fighting unemployment is as much about jobs as it is about job creation. Europe’s start-up rates remain low compared to other parts of the world. Yes, we need skilled employees, but we also need more entrepreneurs and new businesses.

Global Uncertainty Highlights the Need for Responsible Business Leadership

by Ed Lewin, Vice President, International, HPE Corporate Affairs

Uncertainty is natural in today’s turbulent global environment. But what is certain is that the need for responsible leadership by business is greater today than at any other time in recent history. As governments grapple with transition and change, responsible business leadership can, and must, lead the way. The issues that face our world won’t wait.

HPE’s Antonio Neri Discusses How Sustainability Impacts Customer Purchasing Behavior

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HPE Executive Vice President Antonio Neri shares how businesses are increasingly factoring sustainability into their consideration of total cost of ownership, and how it’s shifting the innovation agenda for companies like HPE. How are you playing your part in the effort to reduce impact and make the world better?

Watch the video here

Living Progress: How HPE Does Business

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By applying transformative solutions to our company, our customers and our world, we can improve lives and strengthen the economy, while respecting the finite resources of the earth. We call it Living Progress. How do you want to see sustainable transformation impact on your world?

Watch the video here

Volunteers Ensure the American Red Cross Stands Ready to Respond

Guest post by Gail McGovern, president and CEO of the American Red Cross

Everything the American Red Cross does is powered by the commitment of our volunteers, and the generosity of the public and our corporate partners. As a member of our Disaster Responder program, HPE’s impactful support helps to ensure we stand ready to respond—whenever and wherever we are needed.  


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