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Goldcorp’s Cognitive Journey at Red Lake Wins Technology Award


Red Lake Gold Mines (RLGM) is at the forefront of the mining industry’s exciting digital transformation.

Since 2017, Goldcorp has been working with IBM to determine how the IBM Watson cognitive computing platform could improve the company’s mineral exploration program. RLGM is now pioneering the world’s first Exploration with Watson platform.

IBM and Sesame Street Transforming Education

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IBM and Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization that produces Sesame Street,  formed a collaboration to use IBM Watson's cognitive computing technology and Sesame’s early childhood expertise to help advance preschool education around the world. As part of a three-year agreement, Sesame Workshop and IBM will collaborate to develop educational platforms and products that will be designed to adapt to the learning preferences and aptitude levels of individual preschoolers.

Education is the Promise of a Future

By: Dan Pelino

Today’s learners must be able to think critically, recognize patterns, solve problems and communicate effectively in the workforce and society to be successful.  Sixty-three percent of education leaders state job placement as the leading success factor for higher education, though only 43% of industry leaders indicate higher education is preparing learners with the needed workforce skills.

IBM's Watson to Help Veterans Find Employment


It’s well documented that IBM-born Watson is capable of many complex computer programming issues. But, can Watson help military veterans transition back to civilian life? According to IBM Senior Vice President Mike Rhodin, the answer is, yes! The online program is equipped to help vets with everything from resume writing to how to take advantage of the G.I. Bill.


Opening the Pod Bay Doors to Possibility: The Distinctly Human Applications of IBM's Watson


After trouncing its carbon-based competitors in Jeopardy, it seems Watson can answer nearly every question except one: "Where does Watson go from here?" To borrow a phrase from HAL 9000: I'm sorry, readers--I'm afraid it can't do that.

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