How Impact Investing Can Change Our Relationship With Money


by Yuliya Tarasava, Co-Founder and COO, CNote 

While difficult at the moment, the many conversations with my friends about money inspired me to explore a different path. Conversation after conversation, I started to chip away at what felt wrong about money, and we would talk about their “wish list” when it comes to finance. What came up again and again was the desire to feel smart about money decisions – “whatever I do should be easy to understand, available to all, convenient to do, and make me feel good and empowered.”

Tax Reform: A Real Cohn Job

The seemingly well-intended (but integrity-dependent) tax break to attract our so-called best and brightest to public service has been exploited for personal gain under the gloss of “public service.”

By John Fullerton, founder and president of Capital Institute

It seems that Gary Cohn, a trader and former heir apparent at Goldman Sachs—a life-long Democrat, let’s recall—and Trump’s current chief economic advisor, is heading for an early exit. 

Feminist Stakeholders, the Dakota Pipeline and ESG Investing


by Rebecca Adamson, Native American economist, Founder and President, First Peoples Worldwide 

“The fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline has implications beyond the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. It is a fight for everyone who wants clean air, clean water, and gender equality. As governments increasingly prove incapable or unwilling to protect these things, citizens are turning to the market and the market is responding.” 

Anatomy of a Global Problem Solver

Multimedia with summary

We all care about certain issues. What are yours? Poverty, inequality, climate change? Today more than ever, we have the power to overcome these challenges. When we combine tech know-how, ingenuity, and social consciousness, we can help people thrive, build new commerce, and become guardians of our planet. Here are six top qualities of a Global Problem Solver. 

What kind of Global Problem Solver are you? Take our quiz to find out!

Morgan Stanley's Sustainable Investment Themes 2016

Audrey Choi shares her insights

Sustainable Investing Themes for 2016: ESG Integration, Climate Change and Inequality 

by Audrey Choi, CEO of Morgan Stanley’s Institute for Sustainable Investing

Robert Reich Explores Resilience, Inclusive Economy at the BSR Conference 2015

Multimedia with summary

In a plenary address at the BSR Conference 2015, Robert Reich, Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at University of California, Berkeley and Senior Fellow at Blum Center for Developing Economies, explored the intersections of resilience and the inclusive economy. 

Global Citizen Festival Motivates Millennials for Impact


Global Citizen is putting on one of the biggest musical events of the year – the star-studded concert in New York City will feature Pearl Jam, Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran and Coldplay with hosts Hugh Jackman, Stephen Colbert and Salma Hayek Pinault, among others. Yet, you can’t buy tickets for this festival; instead, prospective concert goers must act to end extreme poverty.

Watch What Bloomberg Volunteers are Doing in India


As a global news organization with more than 2,500 media professionals across 192 locations, Bloomberg recognizes the need to support and train the next generation of local journalists, and is committed to developing greater diversity in broadcasting talent.


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