Fox Audience Strategy Sponsors Women of Inspiration Awards

Fox Audience Strategy, which promotes diverse voices across 21st Century Fox's entertainment businesses, served as the presenting sponsor of the 5th annual WISE Los Angeles Women of Inspiration Awards on Thursday, November 20. Women in Sports and Events (WISE) is a leading professional resource for women in the sports business.

David Rolf: Fair Wages and Sustainability

Multimedia with summary

Economists these days are confirming what many already know – the gap between the haves and have-nots is widening. In the face of soaring productivity over the last several decades, today’s average American workers earn about the same as they did in 1970 when adjusted for inflation. So what happens to sustainability in the face of this trend?

Nigeria - From Growth to Opportunity

How can business tap into the opportunities that Nigeria presents, while also maximising its contribution to long-term economic growth and broad-based socio-economic impact?

By Zahid Torres-Rahman, Founding Director, Business Action for Africa, and Helen Mant, Vice-President, Initiative for Global Development

Mind the Gap: Addressing Inequalities Through Pro Bono

A history of pro bono week

There are many gaps between the haves and the have-nots in American society: the Achievement Gap between poor and wealthy students, the Wage Gap between men and women in the workplace, and the Justice Gap – just to name a few.  Although not as frequently publicized, the Justice Gap refers to the growing number of low-income individuals who are too poor to afford legal services but not poor enough to qualify for legal aid.


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