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What Is Construction Safety?


Safety is a key priority when engaging in any kind of construction project, especially those with many high-risk activities, like working at heights or in confined spaces. Construction safety specialists are important resources on any construction project, and they can help you ensure that your project is completed with a minimal number of safety incidents.

Fall 2021: Upcoming Inogen Alliance Associate EHS Webinars

Press Release

September 16, 2021 /3BL Media/ - We have multiple webinars on EHS topics coming up this fall from our global Associates including Antea Group France, Antea Group USA, Chola, denkstatt, denxpert and ESC. Check out the details below and watch our LinkedIn page for more upcoming events.

Sept 21: Antea Group France: Circular Economy in Project of Deconstruction of buildings

Inogen Alliance 20 Year Celebration: Interview With Andreas Kopton

Multimedia with summary

To celebrate our 20-year anniversary we are looking back at our history and how the Alliance has evolved and grown stronger over time. Our trusted long-standing relationships and ability to offer EHS solutions to clients globally has stood the test of time. In this second video we hear about how Inogen Alliance expanded in the beginning from Andreas KoptonHPC AG - The Engineering Company in Germany.

Inogen Alliance 20 Year Celebration: Interview With Bob Karls

Multimedia with summary

It's our 20-year anniversary this year! To celebrate we are looking back at our history, and how the Alliance has evolved and grown stronger over time. Our trusted long-standing relationships and ability to offer EHS solutions to clients globally has stood the test of time. In this first video, we hear about why Inogen Alliance was started from Bob Karls.

Learn more about Inogen Alliance and what we have accomplished in the last 20 years.

How to Augment Your Workforce With Specialized Talent On-Demand


Finding specialists to add to a project team can be quite challenging. Sourcing candidates, negotiating compensation, and dealing with turnover are only some of the challenges when hiring employees; and these challenges only become more difficult when dealing with specialists. Talent on-demand, also known as ‘Resources-as-a-Service (RaaS)’, is an excellent way to deal with these challenges while minimizing disruption to the company. Resourcing specialists reduces overhead with screening and hiring, eases compliance with regulations, and reduces downtime during turnover.

ESG Topics in the Age of Responsible Retail


A change in consumer behavior and more visibility to packaging reduction and plastic waste has brought a new lens to how consumers are viewing their favorite brands, especially in retail. For businesses, this has a huge impact on brand loyalty, product choices, and the bottom line. What are the most relevant ESG issues in the retail sector?

ESG Topics in Retail

Health and Safety Committees Gone Virtual


Across the globe, companies have been in a constant state of pivoting to address new concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic. What hasn’t changed are the basic Occupational Health and Safety guidelines we follow. Even though offices are shuttered, or workforces reduced, that doesn’t mean that your Health and Safety Committee can fall by the wayside. Countries, states, or provinces such as Ontario, France, Germany, or Japan, are still requiring meetings despite the shift to virtual work.

Relevant Health and Safety Meeting Topics

Decarbonization Series Part 3: The Pros and Cons of Carbon Offsets


The previous posts in this series discussed energy audits and purchasing renewable energy – two very useful and important tools when creating a proper decarbonization strategy. A third tool in the decarbonization toolbox is the purchase of carbon offsets.

What Are Carbon Offsets?

Decarbonization Series Part 2: How to Implement Renewable Energy in Your Organization


In the first post of this series, we wrote about energy audits and how a business can use improvements identified in these audits to reduce costs and cut emissions. Once such improvements have been introduced, a business may feel that there is no way to further reduce its carbon footprint – but additional opportunities exist.

Decarbonization Series Part 1: Energy Audits and Emissions Reduction


Improving energy efficiency and decarbonization is critical for any business, and its importance is growing very quickly as global legislation changes. Carbon taxes, risk disclosures, and other initiatives increase the cost of carbon and can rapidly hurt the financial performance of your company. In this three-part series, Inogen Alliance will outline three ways to decarbonize. In this first post, we will examine ways to reduce your overall energy consumption and emissions by conducting energy audits.


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