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Witness Change with Robin Hammond


Witness Change with Robin Hammond

By Krista Elvey

In Robin Hammond’s hands, photographs become a mechanism of social justice. Hammond is a New Zealand-born photographer who travels around the world documenting the human face of inequity. Many of his trips have been to sub-Saharan Africa, where he records the stories of survivors of human rights violations. A related project, “Where Love is Illegal,” documents LGBTQ persons living under regimes that oppress them.

The Greenest Building

How the Bullitt Center Changes the Urban Landscape
Press Release

SEATTLE, January 21, 2016 /3BL Media/ — Ecotone Publishing announced today the release of The Greenest Building: How the Bullitt Center Changes the Urban Landscape. With projects around the world trying to replicate the lessons from the Bullitt Center, this book offers invaluable insight into what it took to make the building a reality.

Dynamic Buildings: Customizing Structures for Human Comfort and Sustainability


By Gabe Dunsmith

Architecture students at Purdue University are kick-starting a bold new initiative to integrate people into the design and operation of buildings they inhabit. As part of a broader effort to reestablish a relationship with one’s local environment, the students, led by Professor Thanos Tzempelikos, are redefining what it means to inhabit a space: buildings, they say, are not just static structures but dynamic entities that impact our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. And we can change them for the better.

Toward a Living Community

A Vision for Seattle's First Hill and Adjacent Neighborhoods
The time is now to make the First Hill and Central District neighborhoods of Seattle the most environmentally regenerative, socially just, and culturally thriving neighborhoods in the nation.
This document is the summation of a year’s work to create a vision of a Living Community for the First Hill and Central District neighborhoods (hereafter referred to as the community). 
The intent of this document is to: 
  1. Provide a physical record of the work; 


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