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Net Positive Conference in San Diego

Accelerating the Global Shift Toward Net Positive Energy and Water Buildings and Communities via Provocative Speakers and Powerful Dialogue
Press Release

January 6, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Experience the next generation of buildings through two of our primary resources, energy and water. See how experts are expanding Net Zero concepts in ways that look far into the future, consider the endgame and shape our efforts to create productive, thriving communities. As an added bonus, this year’s conference will expand on deep vision and technical concepts and also take a special look at Net Zero through an equity lens – ensuring that the reinvention of our buildings and communities benefits all, not just a select few.

Hope in Hazelwood

Responding to Injustice through Collaborative, Sustainable Architecture

By Gabe Dunsmith

Pittsburgh’s Hazelwood neighborhood has suffered in recent decades as American manufacturers have sent operations overseas and shuttered their U.S. factories. Students from Carnegie Mellon's School of Architecture are working with the Hazelwood community to create a case study for a radical new kind of development. Read more...

Trim Tab v.27 - The Equity Issue

Read the Latest Issue of Trim Tab: Equity

Trim Tab Magazine is the International Living Future Institute's quarterly, online publication that is awash with provocative articles, interviews and news on the issues, designs, and people that are truly transforming the built environment.

This issue shares stories of heroes who are proving that we can choose to work toward communities that are inclusive and robust for every person.

King County Makes a Bold Commitment to Living Buildings

The International Living Future Institute lauds the County’s efforts to combat climate change
Press Release

SEATTLE, December 3, 2015 /3BL Media/ - As part of a bold initiative to counter the effects of climate change, the King County Council recently voted unanimously to approve its new Strategic Climate Action Plan (SCAP), laying out a blueprint for concrete, actionable work in the realm of sustainability.

Building Products with Integrity

Some progressive manufacturers are skipping the green wash and developing products that are both renewable and transparent.

GETTING THE CARBON OUT is just the beginning. Growing awareness of the impact of product and material choices on indoor air quality is driving interest in non-toxic products and resulting in greater transparency for manufacturers. Here is where “natural” products have an edge. They tend to be simpler, with fewer components, and fewer, if any man-made chemicals, which tend to bio-accumulative and have undesirable health effects.

Next Generation of Architects Designing Zero Energy Housing Prototypes

Georgia Tech students participate in Zero Energy Housing Studio

Every semester at the Georgia Institute of Technology, a new group of students participate in the Zero Energy Housing Studio to design, engineer and student-build a 4 to 10 unit Zero Energy Housing Prototype. The prototype will become a living laboratory to test energy efficiency and materials and a demonstration model for market rate, status quo urban housing.

Let's Draft Solutions for #OurLivingFuture

What will you do to make your #community inclusive and robust for everyone?

By Amanda Sturgeon, Executive Director at the International Living Future Institute

In the last 20 years, the green building movement has gone mainstream. The pace of change is extraordinary: at the International Living Future Institute we are pushing boundaries we couldn’t have even imagined a decade ago. Setting a high bar, one that many thought unachievable, has proven to be a catalyst for transformative change. And it’s time to do it again.

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin Appointed to International Living Future Institute Board of Directors

Director of Community Affairs at the NYC Department of Environmental Protection and author of Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet, brings new expertise to the organization’s board
Press Release

SEATTLE, October 29, 2015 /3BL Media/ - The International Living Future Institute™ announced today that Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, Director of Community Affairs at the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, has been appointed to the Institute’s Board of Directors. Abdul-Matin works to make sure that New York City residents have a responsive government that helps bring water to their homes and takes their wastewater away.


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