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Parents, Governmental Leaders Meet at National Parents Meet to Celebrate Progress in the Disability Movement in India


The 24th National Parents Meet in Jalandhar, Punjab was a potent mix of passion, gritty determination, and celebration. From across India, several hundred family members of people with developmental disabilities came together, along with their sons and daughters, to meet, plan, share, learn, and celebrate the hard-won gains they have made.

Keystone Human Services Hosts Partners The Hans Foundation to Advance the Rights of People with Disabilities in India

Press Release

HARRISBURG, Pa., November 9, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Keystone Human Services (KHS) is hosting a planning retreat to forward our collaboration to advance the rights of people with disability in India. From November 7-11, Charles Hooker III, President & CEO of KHS, and Betsy Neuville, Director of Keystone Institute India, will be engaged with leaders from The Hans Foundation (THF), including: Shweta Rawat, Chairperson of The Hans Foundation; General Surinder Mehta, CEO; Dr. G.V. Rao, Executive Director; and Paul Glick, Grants Manager.

Making Change Happen on an Individual Level


It is tempting to think of big sweeping changes as we consider our work of helping a society learn to make space for everyone.  Big plans for our initiative were explored and crafted out of our hearts and minds 9 months ago in New Delhi as we imagined ideas towards inclusiveness would spread across India, policy would shape itself around such ideas, and we would be a part of the change movement that is a part of India in so many diverse areas. Indeed, it is an exciting time to be doing this work, in this place and at this time.

Valued Social Roles: A Declaration of Identity


“I am not a mental patient.  I am a secretary.”
--Unnamed long-stay patient at government mental hospital

A Better Future for People with Disability: The National Trust, the Hans Foundation, and Keystone Institute India Host India’s First Ever Social Role Valorization Summit

Press Release

NEW DELHI, India, August 26, 2016 /3BL Media/ - This week, Keystone Institute India, in partnership with the National Trust[1] and The Hans Foundation, conducted an intensive three-day Social Role Valorization course for the first time ever in India. Forty-four participants, all established and emerging leaders in the disability movement, joined from 18 different states across the country, coming together to commit to promoting good possibilities for people with disability to have full, rich, meaningful lives.

India’s New Mental Health Care Act and the Complexity of Mental Illness


The new Mental Health Care Act, passed on August 8, 2016 by the Indian parliament, has been winding its way slowly through the Indian legislature since 2013, and replaces the Mental Health Bill of 1987.

A Thin Line Between "Disabled" and "Abled"


One of the challenges that the disability rights movement has put before us all is to see disability in the context of how society has created a somewhat arbitrary “line” between ‘disabled’ and ‘abled’.  We have been urged to see disability as a natural part of the human condition, with all people falling along that continuum at different places throughout life.  For example, we enter the world almost completely disabled, and many of us will become so again in our later years.


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