Smart Growth: Kimberly-Clark’s Commitment To Increase Energy Efficiency

Innovation And Global Collaboration Is Driving Growth, Creating Efficiencies And Continuously Evolving Our Manufacturing

At Kimberly-Clark, we can point to many innovations that have improved energy efficiency and introduced alternative, lower carbon solutions. But Stewart Van Horn, Global Director of Energy Solutions, points out that it wouldn’t be possible without our people.

Slow Progress in India's Toilet Mission


"School sanitation is very critical to Swachh Bharat (Clean India) for many reasons," Mr Parameswaran Iyer, Secretary of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Ministry, told The Straits Times. "We want to make sure kids practise safe hygiene and use toilets. Apart from that, they influence their parents. They are the change agents."

He added that private corporations are contributing in different ways. "Many are also working on their own or working directly with state governments," he said.

Since 2008 Kimberly-Clark Engineers Have Been Using Landfill Gas To Generate Power And Make Operations More Efficient


Landfills play a critical role in waste management, but as waste decomposes, it releases methane – a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

What if there was a way to minimize methane from seeping into the atmosphere? What if there was a way to put it to good use?

Those are the questions our engineers have been asking.

In 2008, we implemented a renewable biomass energy project at our largest manufacturing site in the world, Beech Island Mill in South Carolina to reclaim landfill gas to power operations.

Publimetro Launches Campaign to Save Trees and Children

By Alvaro Tassano

The newspaper company teamed up with Kimberly Clark and Aldeas Infantiles SOS Peru to grant food for recycling paper.

Kimberly-Clark Giving Inspiring Educating

Our Team In Correia Pinto, Brazil, Has Been Volunteering To Help Shape Young Minds To Reach For Their Dreams

Since 2012, our team in correia pinto, brazil, has been volunteering to help shape young minds to reach for their dreams – in a way that also benefits society and the world around them.

Projecto Crescer, which means ‘Project Growth’ in Portuguese, involves Kimberly-Clark employees, community members and students from seven local schools.

A major goal of the program is to provide ways for students to learn sustainable practices through fun and unique activities; and with their increased awareness to positively impact their families and friends.

Kimberly-Clark Closing The Diaper Divide

Our Huggies Brand Helps Get Diapers To Babies And Families In Need.

In the United States, many families struggle to provide the essentials their babies need, like diapers.

In 2010, our Huggies brand brought the issue to the forefront through the Every Little Bottom study, which revealed that one in three parents were struggling to provide fresh, clean diapers for their babies.

Huggies announced in 2016 it would donate 22 million diapers through the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN).

Kimberly- Clark Partnering with Malaria No More and Mothers in Kenya to Help Babies Thrive

Mothers Against Malaria

Parents everywhere want their babies to be happy and healthy. But mosquito-borne diseases like malaria threaten their safety. There were an estimated 214 million cases of malaria worldwide in 2015, mostly affecting pregnant women and babies. And sadly, 91 percent of those who died from the disease were in Africa.

Kimberly-Clark’s U By Kotex Brand And Dosomething.Org Introduce Power To The Period To Benefit People Experiencing Homelessness

Press Release
  • Launch the First-Ever, National Period Products Drive and Second Installment of the U by Kotex Period Projects
  • Eighty-six Percent of Americans Say It’s Important for Society to Help Increase Access to Period Products for Homeless Americans

Kimberly-Clark Corporation Unveils New Sustainability Strategy and Goals


Kimberly-Clark Corporation recently published its annual report on sustainability, providing a comprehensive update on the company's efforts and introducing new sustainability priorities and goals through 2022.

Toilets Change Lives Expands to India

​Program focuses on restoring dysfunctional school toilets for the hygiene, safety and dignity of children.

Naina aged 13, no longer has to wait for 8 hours to reach home before she can use a clean, safe toilet and does not miss school during her periods any more. Bhaskar, having stumbled over broken tiles and pot holes would shamefully resort to using the shrubs outside his school. Not anymore, because his school toilet is now repaired and well lit-up.


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