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Since 2012, the people of PwC have supported the mission of The Trevor Project by providing volunteer support for life-affirming programs for LGBTQ youth in crisis, and helping the organization improve its on-boarding process to meet the increasing demands of its life-saving mission.

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LGBT Pride Series - Sustainability Spotlight on Cass Averill

By Cass Averill, Symantec's Principal Technical Support Engineer

Today, in honor of LGBT Pride Month, we hear from Symantec employee Cass Averill, Principal Technical Support Engineer, and champion and mentor for LGBT employees at Symantec. Cass has been instrumental in supporting the development and expansion of company programs for Symantec’s LGBT community. 

Pride Month Series - Celebrating Our Leadership in LGBT Equality

By Antoine Andrews, Symantec’s Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion.

45 years ago, the Stonewall Riots of 1969 marked a turning point in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community’s fight for equality. On its one-year anniversary in June of 1970, New York’s "Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day" march was held attracting thousands of supporters as it weaved through the streets of one of America’s most prominent cities.

#DardenDigest: Finding an Inclusive Workplace


What is it like to be out in the workplace? When in the recruitment process should I inquire about domestic partnership benefits? Should I include my involvement with Pride groups on my resume? These were some of the questions discussed during a recent panel hosted by the University of Central Florida (UCF) Career Services and LGBTQ Services. Darden, along with other Central Florida companies, participated in the panel discussion for UCF students in the LGBTQ community. Questions centered on what they should expect after graduation and upon entering the workforce.

AT&T at HRC’s Time to Thrive 2014: Empowering LGBTQ Youth Around the Country


By Scott Sapperstein, Executive Director, Public Affairs at AT&T

What happens when over 600 educators, counselors, administrators, LGBTQ advocacy organizations and students join together to promote safety, inclusion and well-being for LGBTQ youth?  As I found out during the Human Rights Campaign’s inaugural Time to Thrive conference this past President’s Day Weekend—great things happen.


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