Mental Health Month

Mental Health Awareness

My perfectly imperfect wellness journey

By Peter Courtney | Global Wellness/Work-Life Lead

Growing up in one of the most conservative areas of the U.S. was difficult for a brown kid coming to terms with his sexuality. I knew that I was different from a young age; I hid these differences until I was 20 years old.

4 Ways to Ease Employee Stress Over World Events

Principal® Mental Health and Well-Being Series

World events can make us feel like life is spinning out of control. Relaying solid facts, staying calm, and putting major issues in context for your business can help employees better handle stress in the workplace.

Effective crisis communication can reassure employees who are barraged daily by a dizzying array of international news, public health emergencies, and political debate.

1. Amplify valid sources of news and information.

Alkermes Celebrates Mental Health Month

Multimedia with summary

May is Mental Health Month! The COVID-19 pandemic has put mental health front and center. This month we encourage everyone to learn more, share resources, and consider how you can support those who are living with mental illness.

Booz Allen EVP Joe Sifer honored with DMAX Foundation Leadership Award


On Monday, April 25, Joe Sifer, Executive Vice President, was honored at the DMAX Foundation Spring Fundraiser. Mr. Sifer received the DMAX Foundation Leadership Award in recognition of his outstanding leadership in making emotional health a priority in the workplace.

DMAX Foundation is dedicated to eliminating stigma and encouraging safe and caring conversations about mental health issues and emotional pain in our youth.

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