Cisco Networking Academy Benefits From Cisco Webex

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, teachers quickly reached out to students online. Cisco Webex is the solution for Cisco Networking Academy. Lessons continue through a new way of communicating, helping teachers reach students, so learning never stops.

From Teacher to CEO: How CommonLit's Founder Is Using Technology to Impact Millions of Teachers and Students


CommonLit is an award-winning education technology nonprofit dedicated to closing persistent opportunity gaps in literacy education. The nonprofit is best-known for operating a free online reading program utilized by tens of thousands of low-income schools. The real magic of the program is that it combines technology, high-interest materials, and research in a way that has not been done before.

Five Teachers Who Make a Difference Around the World

Against all odds, teachers are making a difference in their students’ lives. Cisco honors five teachers around the world working to create an inclusive future for all students.

Imagine having a job where you constantly need to adapt your work to accommodate the different learning styles of your staff or constituents. Then while doing this, imagine you’re trying to meet the expectations of many people outside of your organization, including parents and regulators. Finally, consider doing all of this without adequate funding while working countless hours of unpaid overtime. These are just a few of the challenges facing teachers around the world every day – in normal circumstances.

One Woman's Career in Tech and Her Advice for Women and Girls


Celebrating International Girls in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Day has never been more important.

Investing in a Regenerative and Sustainable Future: Cisco Foundation Adds New Focus on Climate Solutions


For 20 years, Cisco and the Cisco Foundation have supported nonprofits that are developing technology-based solutions to help underserved and vulnerable communities. During that time, I have had the privilege to see those innovative solutions give people access to critical needs like food, clean water, and shelter, as well as create more opportunities for people to obtain an education, build skills, or run a business.

A Former Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge Winner Modifies Its Technology to Help COVID-19 Patients

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Neopenda is a social enterprise startup that is passionate about improving newborn health through innovative technology solutions. Neopenda won the Cisco Global Problem Solver Prize at the 2016 Rice Business Plan Competition for the development of a low-cost, wearable sensor that improves the care of newborns in resource-constrained hospitals. neoGuard continuously monitors newborns’ critical vital signs and alerts attending health care professionals when a baby is in distress.

People Behind CSR at Cisco: Why an Inclusive Future Needs Environmental Sustainability


We have created a new blog series that will focus on the people behind Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Cisco. Each blog in this series will highlight a different Cisco employee who works closely with CSR initiatives across the company.

Learn How a Cisco Nonprofit Partner Pivoted to Help Smallholder Farmers During COVID-19

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Cisco’s partnership with Mercy Corps is empowering people to overcome crisis and build better lives. Working together, we are transforming communities by innovating the way we approach global humanitarian responses.

A Sweet Year: The BUZZ Around the Cisco Beehives in RTP


Time has buzzed by – especially if you are a Cisco honeybee. Last year, we installed beehives near our Research Triangle Park campus, in partnership with Bee Downtown and the RTP Foundation, to support the growing pollinator population in North Carolina, advance honeybee e

How Replate Uses Technology to Maximize Food Rescue

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Maen Mahfoud is the CEO and founder of Replate, a tech nonprofit with a mission to reduce food waste and food insecurity through its food recovery system. See how Cisco supports Replate to help those experiencing food insecurity.


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